20th Birthday Gift Haul!

Hi everyone!

So on the 17th August I turned 20…goodbye teenage years! And I always get such lovely cards and gifts and I just wanted to share with you what I got and where you can probably find them, or it may just inspire you to get some of these things yourself 🙂




Before I get started, I just want to tell you a little about what I did for my birthday. So I had a meal out with some of my good friends, there were about 11 of us and we had some drinks and food at one of my favourite restaurants where my three courses were all free, and then a couple of us headed into town after for some drinks and some dancing

The next day my boyfriend and I met with my Nan and we did some shopping and she kindly took us for dinner and drinks which was lovely

On my actual birthday a couple days later my boyfriend, my sister and friend Kirsty and I visited Thorpe park which is my favourite theme park and we even got free tickets to return next year and a fast pass for any big ride. The weather was 26 degrees (celcius) and we had a nice little picnic in the shade. When we got home in the evening I opened my cards and gifts and I got surprised with a lovely chocolate cake! We also ate some yummy Chinese food and finished the night off with Joe relaxing together and we slept like babies after the long day of awesome roller coasters!

So let’s get into the haul 🙂


I got some lovely cards off all my friends and family, Joe always makes my cards from scratch by hand and they all have personal funny meanings.

My friend Lucy got me this lovely Soap and Glory bath set which includes a body bath, body scrub, a body mist and a cute little pink rubber ducky! My friend Katie got me this cute no 7 nail set which comes with two nail files, a lovely pink rose nail polish, lip gloss and mini make up bag 🙂

My friends Jacob and Rachel kindly bought me my drinks all night (winning) and Jacob got me the biggest cocktail I have probably ever seen and a sparkly cowgirl hat

My friend and flat mate Emily got me some fun and sparkly Rimmel nail polishes and the cutest horse card that pulls out and sings a song!

And my other friend Emily got me a very cute personalised card and a lovely Silve dainty bracelet which is so pretty

My Nan got me some of my favourite cocktail drinks in bottles, and some of my favourite chocolate including Toffifees and Peanut M&M’s. She also got me a very cute long shirt dress with collar with little sausage dogs on it! And to match she even got me these adorable dangly silver sausage dog earrings to match. She also got me some Soap and Glory body spray mist in the scent ‘Mist you madly’




She had also just come back from Scotland and gotten me some really cute gifts too which I thought I’d include. She got me this really cute Scottish tin of Chocolate shortbread cookies which were so delicious, and I love the tin that has little Scottish Soldier in bearskin hats. She also got me a matching mug because I love collecting mugs from different places and then this really pretty blue and silver beaded bracelet which I love

My sisters boyfriend/partner Scott bought me my birthday cake and treated me to Chinese food and picked out this funny but cool popcorn popper pan! Need to try that out real soon on the fire pit (please do ignore my stupid face on the image below!)

His parents also kindly sent me a card with some money inside and with it I bought these adorable cloud shelves for my new room in my new house at University and the super cute Cinderella Fairy Godmother Tsum Tsum



Joe got me a very cute Minnie Mouse reusable zip bag for all my gifts to go inside and he got me the rest of the Tsum Tsum beauty and the beast collection I needed and wanted! He also got me two more Tsum tsums from the Finding Dory collection I also wanted. I’m also crazy for anything Disney and having a million phone cases so he got me this gorgeous gold and baby blue Disney Animations phone case; it has sketches of Disney Princesses on the front actually sketched by Animators at Disney! So cool

He also got me the last Disney Lego mini figure I needed! Aladdin! They come in blind bags for £2.50 and I kept getting doubles of less rare characters and then everywhere stopped selling them! Now it’s complete 🙂 and it’s so cute because he took me to see Aladdin at the West End in London a few months ago

He also bought me such a gorgeous Pandora Charm called the open work galaxy charm with such beautiful cubic zirconi stones and is just so eye catching

Joes parents also got me the Sims 3 Seasons expansion game pack which I’ve been wanting for ages! It’s so fun! Love sims 3


My friend Kirsty got me my favorite drink EVER! A bottle of Martini Asti, I could glug it all day and she brought it in a really cute wine gift bag

Lastly moving onto my sister Kat who got me the most in terms of quantity (but of course they were all quality items!) We will start with the hand bag I had seen from Skinny Dip, it’s a lovely black roll top bag with gold metal hoop detailing and a faux suede flap finish. It also has a really cute pale blue dangling Tassle which adds just that bit of colour. It comes with a short handle and a longer one inside and has lots of pockets and room and is so stylish

bag skin.jpg

She also got me a purse we had both seen and liked for myself which is this folded pastel purple purse, it has a snap button and lots of space for cards and money and change and it goes lovely with the bag, especially the pastel Tassle to tie them together

In my new house at uni I don’t really have  much storage space in my bedroom and I have a lot of clothing and items etc so I had seen these cool wall Hexagon storage shelves and my sister kindly got me two of them; they will be perfect to stack my Tsum tsums inside and to display!


I also got a fancy Victoria Secret bag and inside was the perfume XO that I had been wanting to get for a very long time, I got it in the spray bottle rather than the perfume bottle because you got a lot more!

Kat also got me this really cute postcard style notepad which inside you can document where you’ve been on holiday with photos and messages etc which is really cute because I love making travel books and I just bought some Polaroid prints from my recent holiday to Portugal

I also received these yummy strawberry foam party sweets which I’m sure I will enjoy (and have to hide from Joe)


A funny and random gift I got from her was this ‘Surprise Bag!’ from a shop we like called Tiger, and inside were just random little gifts that none of us knew about. Firstly there was this very random candle foil art kit where you can decorate your candles with different patterns and shapes made out a colourful foil (don’t ask)- everyone found that highly amusing

Inside was also a cute little patterned tape and a cute little toad stool pencil sharpener and rubber which will all come in handy for uni. It also came with glow sticks and a cute little pink notepad which will nicely fit into my hand bag


And last but not least; she made me this incredibly cute Disney collage made up of photos of my family and I, mostly photos of myself I’ve secretly taken on kats phone which are very ugly. However there are some on there which I haven’t seen before or can’t even remember about but I love it and I love the Mickey Mouse shape and I just can’t wait to get it up on my wall!


It’s been a great birthday and I can’t wait for the next one! The Big 21! x


Christmas Gift Haul!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I love the Christmas festive season, especially the games, all the food, the films and of course the presents! And I am so sad it’s nearly over!! I always love to celebrate early November by watching festive films and visiting Christmas markets, wrapping presents and listening to festive music


This year I spent it at my Sisters new house with her, her partner, my Nan and my boyfriend Joe,. We visited some Christmas German Markets and had a wonderful Christmas eve with a buffet of food and alcohol and played games! We even had German beer!


Every year I definitely get spoiled and I wanted to share what great things I received with you guys! And it’ll be nice to document it to look back on!



From my Sister I got these adorable and very chic hand bags from Pauls Boutique. Normally their bags are pretty tacky, however these are such statement bags without being over the top

One is black and patent, the other yellow and a little smaller and are both very sturdy and both have a small handle as well as longer ones inside

I also got a hair curling wand called the ‘chopstick styler’ by Lee Stafford so I can do lovely big waves or smaller curls which will be useful as my hair is rather flat!


I got these Minnie Mouse and Olaf pyjama vest tops and underwear sets which are super cute and great for nights when it’s a bit warmer as the bottoms are like underwear but with a bit more coverage

She also got me this gorgeous checkered pyjama top which is pretty long but you still need bottoms, and has ‘South Beach’ on the back, and also has draw strings to pull it in at the waist which is really cute. The colours are gorgeous


I also got Olaf underwear (who I’m obsessed with!) and a funny little Olaf Pez sweet dispenser and Frozen calendar, as well as a cute little frozen shower cap

She got me a tonne of really good make up brushes; I have about ten now! All from UBU with lovely pink bristles and a copper and white handle; I have plenty for my eyes, powders and foundations


I got these lovely black ankle boots from Tesco F&F with side buckle and zip that I asked for, and they’ll be nice to go with any outfit and are really comfortable




I got this gorgeous floral dress that has beautiful buttons up the back and patterned lace on the side. I will love to dress it up with heels and clutch for an event, or dress down with boots and jacket. It’s from the brand Mela Loves London

I’m loving these black high waist jeans I got also from New Look, I haven’t had a black pair of jeans before and I’m excited to wear it with some turtle neck tops I bought, and my new green wrap jacket I also got for Christmas

My Nan got me this green wrap jacket from Ark and actually let me have it early since it’s something I would need to use since it’s gotten cold! It reminds me of something Kim K would wear, it’s very soft and warm and just ties round the waist and goes to the knee


My sister also got me this cute chubby Unicorn glitter phone case that I actually asked for from the Skinny Dip collection; I think the unicorns are cute ’cause they’re so chubby!!!- and I like that the case still shows the rose gold of my phone

And speaking of Unicorns, she got me a pair of really cool purple unicorn slippers! So comfortable

I got this really nice soft grey and black jumper which will be nice to sling over leggings or my new black jeans and boots which will be snuggly to wear in the winter


She got me a really nice selection of lipsticks and lip polishes from Topshop; Prodigy which is a really nice orange, Harness which is a lovely shade of red, and Be my Baby which is a really delicate pink shade


I also received two En-Joystick lip lacquers from the Kardashian Beauty Range which I’m excited to try. The colours are; Retro Red and Shocking Pink


Can’t forget the tasty cookie dough brownie bites and chocolate orange I received from my sister and Nan! Need to lay off the Christmas snacking though…


I had also seen these around a couple weeks before Christmas and showed them to my sister and she forced me not to get any because she already secretly had! It is the; Pixie Lott’s wash out hair dyes. She got me the pastel pink which I’m really excited about to try

I also got another South Beach item; the most softest dressing gown! It also has the south beach logo on the back like the PJ’s, but it is the comfiest thing I have ever felt! It also has pockets with a cute detail of a metal dangly star and metal plate saying ‘south beach’


I also really needed a decent skin care kit; so my sister gave me this Simple skin care set that includes a skin toner, a moisturizer and a skin cleanser, as well as a cute little wash bag to put them all in. I’ve tried the moisturiser and it is really good


As well as those, I got some UBU eyelash curlers and a set of really cute colorful nail files as I like having long nails and my eyelashes are blonde and rather short so I can hardly see them even with mascara


The last bits I got include a funny ‘YouDooDog’, a little canvas dog where you can iron on a face to make a miniature dog! The proceeds went to a dogs charity and I’m sure it’ll be amusing to make haha!

Not to forget the Spa day that my sister, my Nan and myself will be attending in February in York for afternoon tea and spa treatments! Super excited about that


My Nan got me some high waist blue jeans similar to the black ones (my old ones got ruined when I got bitten by a dog!)


She also got me three pairs of cotton leggings (I’m forever ripping old pairs by wearing them 24/7), in brown, grey and black which are so easy to throw on for an outfit (the black aren’t in the photo as I wore them!)


I also got a pair of stretchy black leggings with faux leather down the front; I had full leather leggings (but I wore them right out!!) and these will be great to dress up or down


Every year she also gets my sister and I big gift bags of essentials such as body washes, shampoos and deodorants etc, as well as make-up, slippers and other bits and bobs, including this cute tiger eye mask! Really useful for students like myself to be topped up on essentials


She got me a bottle of my Rimmel Wake me Up foundation as well as the concealer and a blush stick and a really cool lipstick that kind of looks like a lighter; it’s a really soft light red colour and very moisturising

I also got some really nice underwear sets that are fancy laced but are still quite large for coverage, and we always get really cute bed socks, some with owls and some with little lambs

She also got me these cute make up/wash bags with pink trim and black and white zig-zags and a lynx womens body spray and body wash which I’ve had before and really liked!


I also love this huge Soap and Glory bauble ‘belle of the ball’ set that has a body buffer, hand food, breakfast scrub, foamous and body smoothie- I really love their wash sets; really only the bath sets I’m highly bothered about!

She also got me this cute Morgan gift set with an umbrella, really cute black gloves with yellow trim and a matching purse, as well as some spending monies!


I also got some cute work out t-shirts and bits and bobs like notepads and make up which are always useful

Joe got me this beautiful necklace with a rose gold, gold and silver trio of hearts which I adore. It’s so dainty yet eye catching

He also got me this adorable Disney The Good Dinosaur ornament for the tree! We watched it recently and the film is so cute but so sad!! I adore the characters and the ornament is so sweet- after Christmas it’ll be nice to still hang in my room


You know how I love everything Tsum Tsum; I received two pairs of super cute tsum tsum socks and this limited edition Christmas box set of tsum tsums all in festive outfits!!


Along with those gifts,  I got this cute Baymax Funko pop keychain and Joe knows how much I love the film Elf, so he got me this super cute little snow glob of New York with Buddy the Elf crouching down inside it! It even came with a couple magnets with some of his famous quotes

I love copper and rose gold, so he knew I would love this terrarium for my room and even put nice little red candles inside ready for me to light! It’s going to be beautiful in my bedroom

He also kindly got me the vest top I really liked from VS Pink store that says; ‘There is no ‘we’ in pizza’ which is funny because we actually share mostly everything APART from pizza!


He also got me the Roo Tsum Tsum from the Winnie the Pooh collection and Lotso from Toy Story 3! Plus the new EOS lipbalm in Blackberry Nectar that I will be adding to my large collection 🙂

Then from my sisters partners parents, I got these gorgeous looking and tasting macaroons that melt in your mouth, as well as this really handy contour kit that comes with everything to contour as well as concealer and blush which I’m excited to try out (watch out Kim K)

My sisters partners friend Dave kindly got Joe and I this huge tub of retro sweets! Love me some palma violets!


And lastly I got a few bits from my boyfriends parents; this adorable Christmas Dumbo plush! As well as these really cute Olaf bed socks and a cool Adventure Time mug

Not to forget the gift  got myself from VS Pink store; being a lover of Elf, I got this ‘Santa! I know him!’ glitter red jersey top which I’ve worn so much already! And it was on sale too, win!!

With some Christmas money I also got this ginger coloured turtleneck cropped top from the Forever 21 boxing day sale on their site, it was already in the sale and then they had another 20% off code and free delivery! It only cost me around £4.50


That is my Christmas Gift Haul! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and got some lovely things yourself! I might also do a gift guide for next year based on the items I bought for loved ones this year 🙂

19th Birthday and Gift Haul!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a crazy long but amazing couple of weeks! It was my 19th birthday on the 17th August and it’s finally time to sit down and have a rest before uni begins again!


On my actual birthday my sister, boyfriend and I had the day at Thorpe Park and it’s such a great theme park! Probably the best I’ve been to! There are so many big white knuckle thrilling rides- the weather was glorious too which made it even better


We had to get up at 6am and I was greeted by my sister bringing in a Frozen birthday cake with princess candles! (Yes, turned 19) Then we sat on the bed and opened gifts and I got some lovely things

image image

We were then off on the road to Thorpe Park and we packed a picnic to eat throughout the day- then driving back we stopped off at a food court that had selection galore!! We could choose from chinese, Indian, mexican, KFC, McDonald’s, Carvery, Starbucks- the lot! We ended up sitting altogether and sharing food and it was a nice end to the day


We got back around 10pm and we had been out the house for about 16 hours and I had to pack and get up early the next day to travel from Worcester to Birmingham- I got 8 free Krispy Kreme donuts and an Eds Easy Diner milkshake for free as a birthday complimentary gift and we saw Inside Out!


We then traveled back to Doncaster the next day we got ready for my birthday meal out to meet all my friends and boyfriend Joe- we went to a restaurant called Zest (my favorite place!) and I also got a 3 course meal for free and my friend even paid for my drinks!


It was lovely to see my friends who I haven’t seen for months, maybe even a year- they even put a candle in my pudding to sing happy birthday for me!


We then went to a few bars for cocktails and then went to an 60/70/80’s bar called Flares and ended up doing shots- even bacon flavoured ones which was disgusting! And ended the night at 2am on karaoke which was hilarious and photo booths!


Then I visited my nan and opened more presents and cards from friends and family

So I thought I would show you the lovely bits I got from family and friends 🙂 Aswell as the things I bought with birthday money

My sister got me these adorable Olaf jogging bottoms which are so comfortable! I love Olaf


She also got me this super cute vest which ties at the bottom and has a tropical print of birds and gardens- I wore it to thorpe park with some high waisted denim shorts and it looked so good


She got me this beautiful pink and white/off yellow underwear set (im a sucker for underwear) It’s hard to see the colour on the photo


She also got me one of these foundation make up egg sponges that everyone has been going crazy over and It works really well


She also got me a card with money inside and my adorable Frozen cake!

My boyfriend bought me a gorgeous Pandora Bangle along side this Rose Gold white daisy charm which is adorable! Absolutely in love

image image

He also got me some Tsum Tsums! Doc and Dopey from Snow White! 🙂 image image

I got money in my cards from my sisters parents in law and my boyfriends parents to which I bought the Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums with!


My nan bought me my entire birthday outfit; playsuit, shoes, bag and necklace which are all gorgeous!

birthday oot

I got a lovely bunch of gifts and cards from my friends too; I got this adorable friendship elephant bracelet and giant lush bath bomb that exploded with confetti

image image

I also got a big pack of marshmallows and roses chocolates (they are long gone)

Another friend got me this beautiful blue and silver necklace from Accesorize


I also got a really cute owl water bottle and this really cool cute hipster Pug that waves when it’s in the sunlight! Along side these adorable nail decors

image image image

Another friend also just visited Disneyland Orlando and brought me some adorable Mickey and Friends cookies back


With birthday money I bought these adorable Minnie and Mickey van like shoes- Vans were selling disney editions but we’re incredibly expensive but these are just as good- if not cuter


Victoria Secret PINK had a mini sale too! And I’m like a kid in a sweet shop for PINK stuff- I got this baby blue jumper with a hood and key hole back for £20.50 down from £40 and these yoga shorts down to £11

image image image

I was also running low on foundation so I decided to try the wake me up foundation as it was on sale for £5.99 from £8.99 and my sister recommends it as a good drug store product


Primark also had a sale on pyjamas and I needed some bed shorts as the warmer nights make it hard to sleep in full legs- I got this cute grey pair for £1 that say ‘pass me the popcorn’ which also matches a popcorn PJ top I already have!

image image

I also saw this Mickey Mouse American style oversized PJ top a while ago and kept going back to it, and im glad I left it as I found it again on the sale rail for £3!


I’ve started to organise my make up too and for Christmas from my sister I got a white wooden organiser stand. My Nan got me another one that has larger compartments for my perfumes

image image

I also got two more Alice in Wonderland Tsum Tsums; Queen of Hearts and the Mat Hatter


I still have a couple things to open from friends I haven’t seen yet but that sums up most of it! 🙂 It’s been another great birthday- last year of being a teenager too! Scary!

Happy Celebrations! x

Mini Victoria Secret/PINK Haul!

Hi Guys!

On Tuesday my boyfriend and I were in Birmingham and did some shopping in Bullring shopping centre and Victoria Secret/PINK had their semi annual sale on and went from 50% off to 75%!

I got 8 items in total and it should’ve cost me around £140 for them all but I got it all for around £33!

I already love the PINK 5 for £20 underwear and they had them for £3 each and I got a cute multicoloured pair, a blue pair that say ‘no basic beaches’ and a tie dye pair- im loving all the beach puns latelyimage

I picked up this orange vest that also said ‘No basic beaches’ as well that was only £6 down from around £20 and great for when im working out or casual/out walking


Also got this white and green sequin vest top which was down to £4/£5 from £24/25


I only found 2 left of these last minute; I saw them in the beginning of June for £29.90 and liked them as they looked like cheerleading dresses and I found it today for £8!! Plain black with green leaves on the side of the waist which I think adds a nice touch

image image

Found this hot pink silicone spike case in the sale from £20 to £5 and I like the pink with my yellow phone


This vest I keep swaying back and forth to liking now I’ve got it but it was £4 down from £18 and it’s just a basic stripy black and white with a little pocket

image image

I did go back in later on and found amazing more items for so cheap but being a poor student isn’t easy.. 😭

So that is my little VS PINK haul! I am going back there next week so maybe I can grab one last bargain 😉

Happy Hauling! x

Birmingham Bullring Mini Mall Haul!

Hi Guys!

So today whilst I’m near Birmingham with my sister, we decided to go to the Bullring shopping centre to do some retail therapy!


First we got approached to have a free Yves St Laurent Make Over done which we obviously said yes too, and none of that pushy ‘buy some!’ crap from them afterwards either

makee make

They gave you a little yellow food bag as it was a ‘lunch is paid for’ marketing scheme, you promote their product and you get dinner! It was a sandwich, snack and drink from Pret A Manger which is pretty expensive, but the sandwich was cheese which I don’t like and the drink was beetroot and carrot with apple… and boy did it smell funky!

Safe to say we went into my sisters work and offered them to the staff!

Shopping wise, I only ended up with three bags but I got some really cute things, as well as some delicious things from Selfridges food market!

The first place I got something from was the dessert display food market in Selfridges!


I have a cheat day from exercising and healthy eating on Sunday so I grabbed myself this BIG Sticky Toffee ‘tweenie’ cream cake which looks aaaaa-mazing! It has daim bar on the top too and was only £2.79


I also got this selection of Meringues for Joe for his cheat day next week, he loves it and they were only £2.30 for 6 and the flavours are lemon, chocolate, strawberry, white chocolate raspberry, hazelnut praline and pistachio! Sounds yummy


The next shop I bought some goodies from was Forever 21, I don’t have one near me and I’ve only ever been able to get to this store 2 or 3 times. There wasn’t that many things that drew me in, apart from the pyjamas section! I wanted all of the cute pyjamas sets, and what I love about them is they aren’t expensive. A lot of shops sell just PJ tops for like £12 and sets for up to £20 which is ridiculous just to sleep in!

cof cof2

But we want cute pyjamas regardless! So this one I picked up first; it’s a long nightie/vest top/dress in grey, a nice soft cotton material that goes down to my knees and has a coffee cup on the side of the chest that says; ”Coffee is my homie, lover and friends”– and it’s true! I loooove my iced coffees and my Starbucks frappuccinos!

coff coffe

 It was £8 and it’s cute either for a casual day, to sleep in or even maybe over a bikini on the beach and on holiday because it’s long enough and I got it in a size small

I also got this big oversized night shirt in a size small and I love what it says! ”let’s binge watch something”, its Joe and I all over! Netflix, snacks and snuggles in bed

binge binge2

It’s baggy but has some sort of structure, you could even put it over some shorts or leggings and go out with it on, it was also £8 and size small, last one too!

top1 top2

And then on the way to pay, I saw this cute boho kinda looking top, it has fringing all across the bottom and this lovely stitching on the front that almost looks like a Red Indian Tribal kinda print if you get what I mean? I got size large because that’s all that was left and I liked it, It was baggy but the straps are adjustable so that’s fine!

It was £15 and it’s really cute, I’m going to match it either with some jeans or shorts and will look great on holiday, even over a bikini top

che eat

And then the last place that I purchased something from was at Victoria Secret Pink; all the working out and dieting I’ve been doing has really gotten me into cute workout clothes, and Pink has the best, a little expensive but my mum always said; every time you wear it, it’s a £1! 

It was £22.40 so I need to wear it 22 times in my life for it to be worth it. Easy!

I got a colour I don’t usually wear which is this dark blue, but I like it! And I chose this one because on the front it says; ‘cheat day’, and I found this funny because I struggle so much all week to wait for my cheat day which is Sunday, so it spoke to me!

The back is racer style and has PINK going across the bottom,I’m going to look forward wearing this to work out in or just for those casual days

So that is my haul! We also went to a place called EAT, diet friendly choices too for those silly enough to diet (cry), I had a low fat spicy noodle, vegetable and chicken pot and my sister had tomato soup and a bread roll

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know what kind of places you like to shop at wherever you are!

Happy Haul! x


Spring and Summer Haul Part 2: Life is Beachin’

Hello Everyone!

Apologies for the delay for this post, I did do it and publish it but it deleted for some reason and didn’t even save!!

So this is my second attempt, annoying but hopefully worth it

So it’s official, my holiday is booked and it’s 25 days away, I’m prepared (almost) with just a few more things to do and buy

In the past couple weeks I’ve been buying a few more items for my suitcase! Being a student I get the perks of money off and some shops were even doing special events knocking me some pounds off!

Here is what I got in the second part of my haul; enjoy!

Paradise Green Bikini- New Look

Top: £17.99 Bottoms: £7.99


I fell in love with this bikini as soon as I saw it, I love the high waist bottoms and the straps on the hips. The back of the bikini top matches and gives a nice lift to your chest! I love the leafy paradise print too

White Bikini Cover- Primark £8


I used to call these ‘Moo moos’ after seeing Homer Simpson wear them on the show. I like the print, it’s sheer but not too much, it’ll be great to cover up on the beach and quick to throw on, and the white will look great with a tan

Striped Maxi Dress- Primark £13


I spotted this across the store and was drawn to it. Yellow is my favorite colour and the beautiful white and shades of blue compliment it really well

H&M Coachella Tassel Playsuit: £29.99


I blogged about this is my Coachella H&M Purchase post, I love it! My friend spotted it and I tried it on thinking I would hate it, but there’s something about the print and the tassels that speak to me

Yellow Floral Purse- River Island £17 (£14 with discount)


My current Ted Baker purse is getting a bit battered as it’s leather, and I always need a big one for all my random cards and receipts! I loved this purse, it has two compartments for cards, a middle coin purse and plenty of space for other miscellaneous things!

Topshop Cat Eye Shades: £10 (£8.90 with discount)


I have two pairs of shades already, RayBans and Guess. I didn’t want to take them to the beach or to wear in the pool in case they broke or got lost, so I wanted a nice pair to look good but also last. I love these, they remind me of Kourtney K. And a free case too!

Butterfly Sandals- £6 Primark


Primark do the best sandals for me, and their wide feet range is extremely helpful. My favorite bow sandals broke after a year and they went with everything, so I went with a similar colour. They’re very comfortable and look like butterfly wings!

Leaf Playsuit- £19.00 New Look (£16.00 with discount)


Loved this as soon as I saw it too, thought It matched my bikini very well! It’s 3/4 legged and kind of flared instead of fitted. It’s fitted at the waist with straps, very nice for day with sandals or dressed up for night with heels!

Mint Green Cami- £4.00 Primark


If you read part one of my haul, you’ll have noticed a canary yellow cami the same. I saw the mint colour and It’s very popular right now and I thought would look great with shorts

White Cotton Shorts- Primark £5


I wanted some white shorts, but all the jean material ones show the bottom of my bum cheeks as it’s pretty big! I wanted nice coverage, and these do the trick. They’re light too and would look great with a tan!

However, I think the sizing of these were all wrong! I’m usually a 10/12 in shorts/trousers as I have a big bum and large hips, but I had to get a 14!

Reggae Orange Rimmel London- £1!!!


Now, I’ve seen these in Boots, Superdrug etc for up to £7! And I own quite a few of them, so when I saw this in the Pound shop, YES, the Pound shop, I was like yes please! It’s a very nice peachy orange if not a little darker

Hot Pink Twist Bikini Top and Bottoms- £10 primark


I go a little crazy with buying bikinis, this one was pretty as it was bright with the twist in the middle, it was £6 for the top and£4 for the bottoms, pretty good!

Green Stretchy Fit Trousers- £3 Primark


Now before I say anything, the photo does not do them justice! I found a similar pair for £1 in the sale but they were too big, and then I saw this pair for 3! They have these cool panels on the knee and fit nice like leggings but are like trousers! Love!

There you go! There may be a part three coming soon! Let’s face it, you can never be too prepared for holiday!

Happy Hauling! x


Life Is Beachin’ Haul! Part 2

Hello Everybody!

I have 1 day left of University, one exam and then I am done for the year! The first year really did fly by so fast. And the best thing about it? Student Loan!!

In the past couple weeks shops have been doing a special student discount event where most stores that don’t already do a permanent discount, do! River Island offering 20% and H&M offering 20% also with a uniidays card

And the end of University means Summer is right around the corner and so is my holiday! And that means MORE shopping for holiday clothes! You can never have too many, right? … right!?

I’ve done a few small shopping sprees at the local shopping centre in Huddersfield and got a few items, as well as some things I got last week in town back home in Doncaster so here’s what I got!

Butterfly Sandals- Primark £6


Unfortunately, my favorite nude Ted Baker look-a-like sandals snapped after a year and with summer coming, I needed a new pair that would go with anything; skirts, jeans, dresses etc. This pair is so cute, they look like butterflies and have a slight sparkle and are wide fitting for my feet!

Green flared legged jumpsuit- New Look £22.99


As soon as I saw this on the hanger in the store, I knew I would love it, it’s fresh, its summery and it’s a change from the tighter jumpsuit legs, these are 3/4 and flare

Green Stretchy Fitted Trousers- Primark £3 in the sale!


This was amazing, I saw one pair of these hung up for a £1 in size 12 but they were too big, I then found similar ones for £3, a little more but still an amazing price! They’re so different to what I would usually wear, stretchy and very comfortable!

Black and Green Leaf Bikini- New Look (Bottoms 7.99, top 17.99)

bik bot

I had seen this numerous times and knew I would love it and really wanted it, as soon as my loan came in I thought; why the heck not? I love how the bikini bottoms are bigger with the stretched elastic sides

White Bikini Cover Up- Primark £8


My mother and I would call these ‘Moo Moos’ after seeing Homer Simpson wear one and call it that. I’ve had some beautiful bikini covers in the past, unfortunately left a gorgeous yellow bench one at the beach in Greece! This one will look amazing with a tan

Cat Eye Shades- Topshop £16


So I have two pairs of designer shades; Guess and Rayban. And pretty expensive to be losing them in the ocean or sitting on them in my beach bag, so I wanted a nice sturdy pair that I would like, but also not mind if I broke them. They’re cat eye shades and I love them

Sailor Style Bikini Top- Primark £4


This was cute, I didn’t get the matching bottoms but the sailor colours reached out to me, especially the yellow ties

Yellow Purse- River Island £17


I managed to get this 20% off during their 3 day student discount event, my favorite colour is yellow and my Ted Baker Purse is getting a little beat up after having it for a couple years now, I really love this one

Hot Pink Bikini- Primark £10


I’m crazy for bikinis, I feel like I need to wear a different one every day on holiday! I love the cross over pinched look in the middle and the hot pink colour is so vibrant

Mint Green Vest Top- Primark £4


I got this top in yellow the last time I did a summer haul, and thought the mint green one was nice too so I decided to get it!

White Shorts- Primark £5


Another reason why I got the mint vest top was to go with these white shorts, I think they’re a really cool and refreshing colour, very summery and give you a relaxed look, and you can add a coloured top to make it pop

Reggae Orange Rimmel London Nail Varnish- £1!!!!

rim2 rim

Can you believe I found this at the Pound Store? I usually pay around £6 for these nail varnishes and have 5/6 already. It’s a really cute creamy orange and very ideal for Spring

Yellow and blue striped maxi dress- £13 Primark

max maxi

I loved this as soon as I saw it, my favorite colour is yellow and I love the white and the baby blue with it. I also really like the beaded neckline, it means I wont have to wear a necklace as it already acts as one

So that’s part two! I’m sure they’ll be a few more shopping sprees for holiday soon though 😉

Happy Hauling! x


Spring and Summer Haul Part 1!

Hello Everyone!

Ive had some things stocked up to haul but I’ve been so busy travelling around these Easter Holidays!

I finally got a couple minutes to get some of it together and haul it for you guys, this part 1 of 2 is mainly summer clothes I’ve bought for my upcoming Holiday to Malta this June 🙂

I got most of these things from Primark as they have some amazing holiday and summer clothes and for really cheap too! But there’s a couple of other things from elsewhere too


This green and White leaf dress is sleeveless and also layered at the bottom, it was £13 from Primark and also comes with a lovely gold attached necklace image This white cotton summer dress is light weight and has cute holed detailing at the top, it was only £5! Will look amazing with a tan


My nan got me this cute Minion vest top for Easter and would be great to wear with PJ shorts for bed to keep cool on my holiday!

image My favorite colour is yellow and found this adorable yellow sheer vest top and only £6

image Primark has amazing maxi skirts in, this one is kind of a tribal pattern and would be cute paired with any coloured vest top

imageThese looked like a skirt on the hangers until I realised they were flared stretchy 3/4 trousers and they look great with the yellow vest tucked in them and they were £8

image image

This maxi dress was only £10 and I love the colours as well as the ruffle at the top, it also has a slit up the leg for easier flow when you walkimage

This maxi skirt also called out to me and the colours make it really easy to pair with any top and only £8

image image These jeans are from TK Maxx and in the sale for £12.99, they’re soft and stretchy and long enough to cover my big bum! image image image

These jeans are 3/4 and I’ve wanted some for a while! The washed out style are fresh for summer and spring and really comfortable, they’re from George from ASDA for £12image These cute bangles are from Aaccessorize and will be cute to go with any outfit but especially the tribal print skirts

imageI want to get a few new bikinis and this one made me laugh! The ruffle is also great for girls with small chests too and was £14.99 from New look

So that is my part one of my haul! I hope you enjoyed it and look out for part two which will include some more summer holiday items as well as some beauty and randoms!

Happy Hauling! x

Affordable Room Decor Haul! Store 21 and more

Hello Friends!

I thought that after finally settling into my new room at my sisters house that I would show you all the amazing things I bought or made for my bedroom and how affordable it can be to decorate/redecorate as long as you have the right things and go to the right places!

In a little town called Pershore there is a shop called Store 21 and it sells such amazing and affordable things! It’s kind of like the Forever 21 of furniture! However, it does do rather cute clothing too!

It had been a few months since my sister moved into her new house with her partner and I had a lovely big room in this gorgeous 16th Century House with big brown beams and white walls, so I decided it was my chance to make my room really sophisticated and simple yet chic

I went with a mix between Vintage Paris and Pale pastels, I had just visited Paris back in June and come August/September time it was time to design my room

We went into Store 21 and I was overwhelmed with the items! I knew for sure this was the place to get most of the smaller items I wanted, and the prices were insanely affordable!

room dec 9

I bought this Miniature Vintage Mannequin for £4.00 and is perfect for on top of a small chest of drawers, you can hang necklaces off it too!

room dec 12

This photo frame had lovely detailing and was £2! It has the eiffel tower and these soft pastel pink and cream colours, as well as a lovely 3D old watch in the corner! I ended up putting this Pop art photo strips of Joe and I in it and it looks amazing!

room dec 3

This Clock matches the frame and almost looks like the one in the corner of the frame. It also has the same cream and rose blush colours and the tower, you can hang it up or it has a stand, it was also only £4!

room decroom dec 8

These caught my eye as I had seen these elsewhere for about £25 for the large, yet the large one was only £10! The smaller one only £5! I use these to stack books, work or just for decoration in the corner of my room, they have this old travelling suitcase feel to it with a map print

room dec 11

This set of three deep drawers also match the frame and clock with the Paris pattern and was £6! The drawers fully come out and I store jewelry and watches in them

room dec 6

This little bird was only £1.50 and was too cute to say no to, I hang it from a hook on the wall and really adds a little something to the room

room dec 7

I also got this box for £5 that I store underneath my desk and put photo albums etc in it, it has a vintage Paris theme with the Tower and old stamps and postcards, as well as olden day bikes, and birds and flowers. Really cute and chic storage.

We got this Owl Lamp for the spare room which is also my Nans room for when she stays, it was £12 and it so cute! I was tempted myself

The rest of my room decor I already got, got elsewhere or made, but I thought I would show you anyway!

room dec 2

This bedside table was exactly what I was looking for; it was £68 but it’s such good quality, very sturdy and beautiful. It has a bottom shelf so I put just a couple nick-nacks on there and then two drawers; perfect for things you may need in the night such as pain killers, lip balm etc

room dec 4room dec 5

The lamp on top of my night stand is a quirky white porcelain lamp in the shape of a lighthouse! I thought this was amazing, it was from          and cost around £20, the light shines through the windows perfectly, it’s not Paris themed but it still reminds me of the French waters!

This large chest of drawers were my sisters, they were brown and bare showing the wood. I decided to paint coats of white gloss paint on it and make them look brand new and match all my decor! The paint only cost £3, saves you loads rather than buying a new chest

room dec 10

This bedding was from Dunhelm Mill and cost £16, it’s double sided too. One side matches the rest of my room wonderfully with pastel creams and blush, butterflies and vintage stamps and the word ‘Paris’, and the other pastel blue with white polka dots. It also came with two pillow cases

That is it really for my room here at my sisters apart from my walk in wardrobe, drawers, chest and teddies, photo frames etc!

Store 21 does have an online site so you should check them out, they do deliver and they have some amazing and wonderful, very good quality cheap items! They do home ware as well as clothing

I do have a room at University I want to show you guys but I am moving into a new house in a few months, and I want to really have another fresh start with my bedroom as well as the rest of the house, and I’ll be sure to order from Store 21 and show you soon!

Happy Decor! x

Disneyland Paris Haul!

Hi Savvy Shoppers!

A few weeks ago I visited Disneyland Paris and I managed to find some really cute items and gifts for my family as well as souvenirs for myself 🙂

I also have some items from last year when I went to Disneyland and also from about 10 years ago when I also visited but I’ll keep those until the very end!

Let’s start with what I got from Disneyland this month:

Disney Pin Badges: Olaf, Minnie and Mickey and Alice

alice olafffdisneypin

Disneyland do a great ‘Pin badge’ swap lanyard pack you can buy, you choose your themed lanyard and buy the badges, you can then go around and swap with staff and others etc! These are my new additions!

Aristocats Key chain


One of my Disney Oldie favorites! I remember loving it as a little kid and I still do now! It has the three kittens; Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz on a heart keyring and a little Eiffel Tower

Tower of Terror Ride Photo and Frame


A more personal gift, me and my boyfriend on the Tower of Terror Ride in a cool frame! I wish I had purchased the second photo of us on it too where I have my hands up!

Minnie Mouse Draped Grey Jumper

minnie 2

They had a wonderful boutique clothing store, it was a little pricey but I love the way it comes in at your waist but drapes over you, so comfortable too! And who doesn’t love Minnie?

Disney Tsum Tsums: Ham, Bullseye, Marie, Daisy, Stitch, Grumpy and the White Rabbit


If you know me or have read my other posts, I love tsum tsum’s! And they had a few more to choose from in Paris, although I wish they had as many as the US and Japan! Super cute.

Minnie Mouse Amour Paris Jumper

minnie 4

I love the detail on this, the golden bow and the lovely kind of crochet kinda detailing down the sleeves

Silver Disney Dream Castle Necklace


A beautiful and very subtle necklace that goes with everything and super dainty and adorable. Disneylands proud Icon

Gift For My Sister: Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast Pen

My sister is obsessed with Toy Story, last year I got her a cup with a straw with a dolly size woody sat on top of it. I thought she could use the pen for work!

Gift For My Sister: Mary Poppins Bubble Bath


 She also loves taking baths and wash products, so this Mary Poppins Bubble Bath will be a real use for her, it smells good and such a cute bottle!

Gift For My Sister: Minnie Mouse Egg Cup and Spoon Set


Another thing shes obsessed with; eggs! Dippy eggs, boiled egg, scrambled, any! This little cute set will be perfect for her and her little soldiers

Gift For My NanMinnie Mouse Double Stacked Look Mug


My nan loves a cup of tea, and this was such a cute and unusual mug, it looks like two stacked but it’s just one!

Gift For My Nan: Box of Minnie Mouse Chocolate Bars


Just something cute to go with her mug, sweet little Pink Minnie Mouse box with milk chocolate bars inside, nice extra touch

Gift For My Nan and Sister: Minnie Mouse Red Reusable Bags

bag1 bag2 bag3

This is going to be so handy for them, not only is it a good gift bag, but she can keep reusing it as a wash bag, a laundry bag, a shopping bag, swim bag or just for everyday use. Very cheap too!

Some items I got when I went in June 2014:

Minnie Mouse Ears


The classic.

Large Disneyland Main Street Mug


Such a nice, large mug that is great for big cups of tea, coffee or even soup and noodles! It has loads of characters on chilling on Mainstreet and has a nice touch of glitter

Ride Photos in Frames

I got the ride photo from Tower of Terror and Aerosmith, it has myself and some of my friends and teacher on from a PA trip, nice to look back on

Mickey Mouse Magic Hoody


Very comfortable, I wore this to Disneyland again this year, no pockets though which is annoying, but the shadow of Mickey being a magician is super cute

IPhone Disney Polaroid Case


I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it, it has a vintage feel to it, with Polaroid print outs on it with Mickey and Minnie

Minnie Mouse Pen


I really liked the shape at the top portraying Minnie Mouse’s head and the cute little 3D Bow, a sweet little pen and handy to use whenever!

Gift For My Sister: Woody Cup and Straw


The cup I was talking about earlier, she loves it. She says the lid and straw helps her not spill it if she ever accidentally knocked it

Gift For My Sister: Vintage Denim Mickey Notepad

She asked me for a notepad to use for her new job, it’s a nice thick well made notepad with the original Mickey on the front and a cool denim design

Gift For My Nan: Eiffel Tower Mickey and Minnie Sweet Tin

She said she loved the biscuit tin we got her years ago when I went with my family, so this was one a really cool unusual shape and had nice lemon sweets inside

Gift For My Boyfriend: Toy Story Alien ‘The claw’ shirt


He didn’t really have a favorite character at the time, he liked Disney but wasn’t sure what to ask for, I knew he liked Pixar though so this tshirt was perfect and he wore it to Disney this year too!

Gift For My Boyfriend: Goofy Sour Jelly Sweets


He has a real sweet tooth, and these sweets were very appreciated and yummy!

Gift For My Boyfriend: Mini Sully University Plush


Weirdly enough, I wasn’t sure about getting him this, then when I gave it to him he told me he had a real obsession with Sully and used to love taking photos of Sully merch! Perfect coincident, he sleeps with him and hes so adorable!

Gift For My Little Sister: Mini Daisy Duck Plush and Boo Tshirt


I know my little sister loves huggable cute teddies so this was a nice little gift, and the little Boo from Monsters Inc Tshirt saying: ‘Adorable Monster’ definitely caught my eye and speaks volumes! She looks so cute in it!

The only other thing I have left over from when I went to Disneyland around 10 years ago apart from photographs is the lanyard and the other pin badges I had bought and swapped with others! So glad I kept it as its nice to look back on and add to!

That’s my haul! There were so many cute things to purchase and I’m glad all the souvenirs were appreciated!

Happy Hauling! x