June Favorites and Most Used!

Hey guys!

Long time no post, kinda lost inspiration to be honest, that and also being rather busy 🙂

But one thing I can count on the write about is my monthly favorites post! As well as things I’ve used a lot this month. I’m going to start with my beautiful bouquet of flowers and heart balloon I had delivered to my door from my lovely boyfriend this month 🙂


This gorgeous White summer dress I got for my holiday to Malta and now can’t stop wearing! So refreshing and goes well with a tan and it was £5! Bargain


Palm tree bag- I think this was in my last months favorites but I’ve been using it daily and it’s so cute and I get so many compliments!


PINK undies! The comfiest pairs of undies I wear and always the first I go to when changing or getting dressed and they’re super cute too


Forever 21 night dress- the slogan on it makes me smile every time because I love just sitting on netflix watching shows with my boyfriend and it’s so comfortable to chill around in


These high waist side banded bikini bottoms are my favorite! They’re so flattering on the stomach (if you know what I mean) and the sides are different to others I’ve seen! I wore them a lot in Malta with my ‘Beach please’ bikini top


Joes Go-Pro has also been a favorite as we went snorkeling and got to capture some fish and jelly fish and even our speed boat ride! His Nikon D3300 was amazing for shots too

d3 hero2

My big white bag is also a favorite- for every month actually. But I always forget to mention it. I got it for my hand luggage in Paris last year in TKMaxx and it was £14.99 I believe, it’s this cute big white woven kind of material with brown leather trim and handles and it carries SO much stuff and I use it when I’m travelling, going on holiday, for the beach- anywhere!


This Malta photo frame I got from the Blue Grotto is also a favorite as I plan to put a photograph inside and it’s a lovely keepsake


And of course; Malta is my definitely TOP favorite of June! We were there for 5 days of June and it was such an amazing experience with an incredible human being by my side! I miss it so much


My last favorites are food items! I loved these Crik Crok crisps we found in Malta that reminded me of a pringles tube but the crisps were smaller and crispier- the paprika flavour was amazing! I also love tuc cheese biscuits and I found BACON FLAVOUR! They were so damn tasty


My next favorite is my Pandora Palm tree charm I also got from Malta to commemorate the trip- It’s so pretty and sentimental


So they are my favorites for last month!

Happy Faves! x


May Favorites and Most Used!

Hi Guys!

It’s a week or so late but I’ve been away on holiday and travelling and all over the place so here is my May favorites for 2015!

My first favorite of the month is the Bleach London Wash out hair dyes in Rose and Awkward Peach- so easy to apply to your hair and they’re so subtle and cute!


My second favorite is my new Pandora Ring; I bought this just before going on my holiday and I thought It was adorable. It has cubic zirconia stones in and is three dazzling daisies


My third favorite is my new Marc Jacobs perfume collection; Daisy, Dot and Pink Honey. Such sweet and elegant fresh fragrances that don’t overpower and the bottles are to die for! This month goes to Daisy as I wore it non stop on holiday


My fourth favorite isn’t a material thing but an experience! It was my holiday to Malta with my boyfriend Joe. It was our second holiday together and it was one of the best times of my life! So many memories


My fifth favorite is my night shirt/dress from Forever 21 that says; ‘Lets binge watch something’. It’s so comfortable and cute and the slogan reminds me of Joe and I binge watching Orange is the New Black or Impractical Jokers!


My sixth favorite is also a purchase from the Pandora store from Malta and is the new Summer Collection Palm Tree dangle charm with CZ’s again; there were so many beautiful palm trees in Malta and it’s such a cute reminder to go on my bracelet


My seventh favorite is my new tsum tsums! I have gotten probably about 12 new ones in the past month and my collection is growing huge!


My eight favorite is my ceramic heart board that I write on, especially little notes or count downs and lately I’ve been counting down to my holiday on it!


My ninth favorite is my pair of sketchers flex appeal memory foam trainers; they are so damn comfortable and go with anything!


My tenth favorite is my Victoria Secret workout vest in blue that says ‘cheat day’ on the front, it reminds me of when I complain how far away cheat day is and it’s very cute and comfortable!


My eleventh favorite is also from VS and is their underwear! I bought the 5 pairs for £20 and they are the most comfortable and flattering underwear I’ve ever owned! I need more! I especially love the pairs that say ‘Aloha beaches’ and ‘beaches be cray’


My twelfth favorite is a mix of snacks; Crik Crok crisps, Tuc Bacon flavored crackers and Maxi Bon/Oreo ice cream cakes! Had them in malta and are definitely amazing, I wish they were sold here!

crk bacon

My thirteenth favorite is Bubble tea! I’ve only ever had it once when Joe and I tried to make it but then in Malta we found an ice cream parlour that sold it and we tried strawberry, coconut and also chocolate. And in Birmingham Bull ring I found a bubble tea stand with so many choices! I had the blueberry and green tea with popping boba! Mmmm!!


My fourteenth favorite is also not a material thing but a TV show! The Impractical jokers is an American show about 4 life long friends who compete to embarrass each other with pranks and set ups and is hilarious! I hope to see them Live this year


My fifteenth favorite and definitely most used lately is my Palm tree cross body bag that I got from urban outfitters a few years ago, I used it all the time on holiday and lots of compliments too!

bag bag2

So they are my favorites; either new or slightly older but used loads! Hope you enjoyed!

My last two items are my Cat eye shades from Topshop which I wore non-stop on holiday and my ‘beach please’ bikini top from New Look!


Happy Faves! x

April Favorites and Most Used!

Hi Guys!

It seems like two seconds ago that I was publishing my March favorites, time is flying by! But here we are again doing yet another month favorites post, I know we’re almost half way through May now but better late than never!

Some thing’s won’t be new, they’ll be things I’ve had a while and love throughout the months as well as things I’ve mainly used in the month of April, new or old!

So let’s get started!

Tan Brown Leather and rope sandals- Forever 21

sand al

I complete forgot I had these! It’s been so cold that it’s just been boots boots boots! But finally it’s hot and sunny so the sandals were coming out, and I got these a couple years ago at Forever 21, I love they are roped, I think they were around £7.99

The Balm ‘Balm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette’


I have used this pretty much every day since I got it, it has 12 eyeshadows, a bronzer, blush and two lip and cheek stains as well as a cute heart mirror, and they’re all named after classic rock songs, only £16! So good to throw in your bag and you’re good to go for a whole face of make up

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


A friend used this and it seemed very creamy and light, you only need a very small amount to cover the whole face. I use number 16 Vanilla and it really is lightweight and smooth

Tsum Tsums!


Of course, I have new tsum tsums! This month I got Elsa, Anna, Sven and Olaf, Hans and Kristof from frozen as well as Minnie Mouse, Jimminy Cricket, Alice, Cheshire cat and Dumbo! I also got Baymax, Agogo and Wasabi from Big Hero 6 as well as Cruella DeVille, Patch, Bambi, Thumper, Ariel, Triton, Sebastian, Flounder and Pluto!

TK Maxx Stretch Denim Shorts


I bought these for my holiday but the sun came out and they’re so comfortable! Lovely length too, no bum hanging out! Looks amazing with an over sized shirt tucked in at the front

World Traveler Mini Suit Case


What an amazing suitcase! I got it from amazon down from 39.99 to 9.99! It’s ideal for all luggage cabins on planes and holds so much! I managed to go away for 3-4 weeks and have everything I need (and more)

Topshop Cat Eye Sunglasses


I wanted a pair to go on holiday with that I wouldn’t mind breaking on the beach or losing (instead of my £200 designer pairs) but would still be sturdy and look good, these remind me so much of Kourtney K

Max Factor Intensifying Lip Balm


I did a product review about this, it’s creamy and a lovely colour, I got it in classic cherry and it’s my favorite new lip stick

Boba Pillow- Gift


Now, don’t take offence! You’ll be laughing if you get the joke, if not then you should know this drink is called BubbleTea or Boba and has chewy balls at the bottom! It’s so comfortable and after finally making not the greatest bubble tea here in the UK, I can be a part of the joke! I sleep with it every night

Just a few this month guys! I’m sure May’s favorites and mostly used will be a lot longer as I bought a lot of things last month for holiday in a couple weeks!


Happy Faves! x