Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara Review

Hi Guys, hope you are all doing well!

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Rimmel London Volume colourist Mascara as I’ve had it for almost 4 months now, and after branching out from my regular high named brand to a drug store type of mascara I thought I would share my experience

I’m going to start off by saying 9/10 of my previous mascaras have been drug store brands, and it wasn’t only until a year ago on a trip to Paris that I decided to splurge and get the Benefit roller lash mascara which I also did a review on, so if you’d like to check that out please just click here. But in short, it became my favourite mascara I’ve ever used

So I was running out of my Benefit mascara and I was unsure whether I wanted to splurge again to repurchase it, even though I knew it was the best I’d ever used and that I wouldn’t regret it after paying the hefty £30. So when I needed to buy new foundation, Boots were doing an introductory price for the Volume colourist mascara for only £5.99 down from £8.99 so I decided to try it


The packaging is fine, the black and purple like ombre is cute, it’s a little chunky and wide so it does take up a lot of space in your make up bag, especially if you’re carrying it about in quite a small bag, however the brush applicator inside is pretty thick and big so it’s understandable


I’m very used to having a very thin and precise curved brush that can get every tiny eyelash- which is perfect for me as my eyelashes are very short and blonde, as well as having hardly any bottom eyelashes, so to go from that to a very thick and straight bulky brush was a challenge and overall just a pain

Applying it is tricky for me, trying to get the corner lashes results in mascara all over the corner of my eye and my eyelid, and we all know how difficult it is to remove without smudging the entire thing even more. It clumped my eyelashes together making it appear that I had even less. Usually I would have to apply the mascara for the product and then grab my roller lash applicator and try to thin out and separate the eyelashes and even out the product so they weren’t so clumped and thick

It also says it is supposed to help tint and darken your eyelashes over time, however it’s really easy to notice whether my eyelashes have gotten darker since they are very blonde and light, and it hasn’t darkened them or made them any sort of black shade

The only one positive is that the colour is very dark, very black. And it did give my eyelashes a nice dark tone, however it did not lengthen nor volumise my eyelashes which is its purpose, rather it just stuck them altogether and made them look literally thicker but in a bad way

Overall I think if you have lovely curved and long eyelashes already then this mascara will accentuate them and boost them just that little bit more, the longer the lashes the easier it will be to use such a thick brush. However if you have shorter or lighter or less eyelashes like myself then this isn’t for you, stick with a thinner applicator that will really lengthen each eyelash individually and really get into the tricky corners

Remember these opinions are my own and each one of your are valid in your own opinions; what may not work for me may work for you!

I hope this has enlightened any of you who were planning on trying it out or maybe wanting to know a little more about the product

Bye for Now! x


Upcoming Disney Tsum Tsum Collections

Hi friends!

Been a while since I updated anything Tsum Tsum related but I thought I would just recap what’s been up in the air regarding Tsum Tsum and just some information about up and coming news

So to recap what has recently arrived, on the 16th of September the Star Wars Tatooine collection was released, and the collection before on the 5th August saw 3 collections; Beauty and the Beast, Petes Dragon and Toy Story.

So What’s upcoming?

What we know for definite is the next two collections are Disney Villains and the Nightmare Before Christmas Box set

We’ve already had a Nightmare Before Christmas set, however this set includes some new characters and some different variants. The first collection featured Jack skeleton both normal and Santa version, Sally, Zero the dog, Lock, Shock and Barrel, as well as the Vampire.

This new collection box set will come complete with Jack, a Winking Sally, Pumpkin King Jack, Oogie Boogie, Sandy Claws, The real Santa Claus, the Mayor, and Dr. Finkelstein. The box is an unusual warped shaped rectangle, almost looks like a chocolate heroes box, very Tim Burton-esqe.


The Villains set is a new concept really for Disney and Tsum Tsum. usually they stick with a single film character collection, however this time they are taking individuals from different movies and placing them into a collection release. The collection will see a second Ursula from The Little Mermaid, this time with crown. We also see Genie red Jafar that wasn’t in the original Aladdin collection. There is also a second variant of Cruella D’evil, she came out online rather than in stores with two of the dogs from 101 Dalmations. There is also a second Captain Hook being eaten by Tick Tock from Peter Pan. The new Tsum tsums in this collection that we haven’t seen before are Dr.Facilier from The Princess and the Frog, Lady Tremaine, also known as the evil step mother from Cinderella, Maleficent as well as Maleficent Dragon, and lastly the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Although the collection is new and different and exciting, I feel as though these characters could have just been released in their own single film collections in the future and skipped on the doubles of previous Tsum tsums we have seen already.

In other news, we know that upcoming collections are going to include; The Muppets, Moana, and of course more Marvel characters, but in what collection we aren’t sure. Kraven the Hunter and The Iron Spider were teased on the official Tsum Tsum Disney Snapchat, as well as Spider Gwen, Venom, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, so we will definitely be keeping an eye out for a new Marvel range soon.

So far we have seen teasers of Pua the pig from Moana and Maui the chief. The film comes out at thanksgiving for those in the states, and December for those in the UK, so I’m sure a collection with be on the cards in the next couple months as they usually release a collection of a film before the actual film release.

We have also seen a few Muppets teasers including Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear and Animal, as well as a few others

Their snapchat also showed a Finding Nemo collection including Darla, Pearl, Seagull, Squirt and Nigel the Pelican. There will also be a medium Crush and Bruce plush. Along side those will be another Tsum Tsum Carry case set of four, this time it is Dory with parents Jenny and Charlie, baby Dory and squinting Destiny inside

In other Tsum Tsum news, Tsum Tsum squishys are now made to look fuzzy with a furry texture instead of the rubbery feel, it works for the characters that actually have fur such as Pooh Bear, Tigger etc, however it is a bit odd for those who don’t!

To celebrate the recent Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass film, Tsum Tsum brought out a very cute small shoulder bag, blue with two compartments. The bag has a zip and features Alice, the White Rabbit and other motifs such as stop watches. They also brought out Alice Tsum Tsum t-shirts, however I don’t think these are available in the UK


Other Tsum Tsum releases include just smaller items from the Disney Store and other stores that stock Disney such as the children’s Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse costume, and UK Toy Store The Entertainer has listed the new Disney Tsum Tsum Squishies Christmas Edition Tin Set on their site. The Set features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip and Dale dressed in Christmas attire. Check the site regularly or ask in store about pre-orders.

The date for the Villains collection is the 6th September along side the Nightmare Before Christmas box. So don’t forget they come out the same day if ordering online!

The other collections have no set dates but keep checking my posts, the Tsum Tsum Twitter page and of course the Disney sites every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the week to see what’s next!

Happy Stacking!
Casey x

Kings Of Leon Drop Name of 7th Album

Hello guys!

I’m so excited that Jared Followill decided to encrypt (if you can call it that) their new albums name in a tweet. We knew that the album was either going to be called ‘walls’ or stand for something; and KOL are known for using 5 syllable names for their albums

They posted a quick video with reminders of their previous album names, with a slow and steady drum beat in the background, the clip ended up Nathan hitting the bass drum, then showing a studio with Caleb knelt down looking at the camera, smiling smugly

He KNOWS we cannot wait!

And here it is.. Kings Of Leons 7th album is called; We Are Like Love Songs




It’s getting closer and closer, we’ve seen a photo shoot, we’ve seen art work, we’ve seen studio recording teasers and now we have the name of the album. Hopefully in a few weeks when KOL pick up on shows that we may just hear a couple new tracks

Personally I cannot wait, I’m so excited!



KOL Teases Upcoming Album

Hi Guys!

I am so excited right now! *deep breaths*

I best get into it before I fan girl hard and freak out. So lets get serious. Kings of Leon dropped their last album ‘Mechanical Bull’ back in 2013, and for a good year now has rumour spread about a 7th album. But the question was; when?

Fact is, we don’t know. We just know it’s soon. Jared and Nathan Followill both tweeted at 11:53pm (UK time) the following tweets:


Nathan is seen smiling in a recording studio at his drum set surrounded by tapestry


Jared posted a 24 second video of what looks like an EP album cover, a single cover or the actual album cover, the video shows a female from behind, with silk waving below her shoulders and feathers blowing from her hair

We know two things;

  1. It’s coming soon
  2. ‘WALLS’ has something to do with the album name

Kings of Leon sticks with 5 titles of albums that have 5 syllables; Youth and Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak, Because of The Times, Only By The Night, Come Around Sundown and Mechanical Bull.

Things we don’t know for definite;

  1. Whether ‘WALLS’ is the name of the album, steering away from the 5 syllable pattern, or whether it stands for 5 words
  2. If the art work Jared shared is the actual album cover
  3. When the album will actually drop, and when the first couple of songs will be heard (usually at some sort of gig a few months before)

Model Lily Aldridge, wife of lead singer Caleb posted a photo to instagram and also tweeted the link. Caleb shows a serious expression with his hand over his face sporting a shiny tracksuit, watch and wedding ring. The colour theme matches with the art work Jared tweeted a few moments earlier. The photo captioned; ‘#WALLS #KOL7 #ComingSoon’ with a purple smiling devil emoticon.



Rumour has it that a single will be dropped around September 9th called ‘Waste A Moment’, however this hasn’t been confirmed nor by RCA or KOL.

Personally, I am so excited. Kings of Leon have been my favorite band for so many years, I’ve seen them three times and I cry each time. I cannot wait.

T.M. Lewin’s: The Infinity Suit

Hello Everyone!

The last time I spoke to you guys about T.M. Lewin was when I put together some Spring Wedding couple look books, and that was really fun to do. This time, I want to talk to you about their new piece; The Infinity Suit.

Infinity Suit Teaser

The Infinity Suit is launching this Friday (19th August) and is the suit every man needs for any formal or smart occasion. You may associate suits with the words; ‘restricting’, ‘uncomfortable’, ‘sweaty’ and ‘high maintenance’, making you groan when you receive that wedding invitation in the mail you just can’t avoid. T.M. Lewin has solved all those issues with The Infinity Suit. It’s cotton open weave allows excessive water to be absorbed leaving you feeling cooler as well as being crease resistant, allowing you to be sleek and wrinkle free even after a hard long day at the office or after cracking out some funky moves on the dance floor. And forget coming home to digging out the ironing board as T.M.Lewin’s has a popular range of Non-Iron shirts; saving you so much time.

The Suit has been taken from the traditions of finest British Cloth Manufacturers and will leave you feeling comfortable, cool and still looking sharp even after the longest day.

Chase Armitage, a well-known and most experienced Parkour Free Runner tested out the Infinity Suit for a jam-packed and very physical day across London, and not only did he look amazing In the suit keeping a refreshing and crisp appearance, but reported that the suit had excellence resilience including comfort and durability.

The suits function is not only to make the individual look amazing but also feel amazing, and its qualities make it practical for any event and once bought, will be the only suit you would ever need. You no longer have to worry about tightness and sitting uncomfortably, or feeling warm and restricted. Simply invest in the suit jacket and trousers and mix it up with different shoes, ties and shirts, which you can also find at T.M. Lewin!

So if you know someone who often wears a suit, complains when at black tie events,  just loves to look sharp and sophisticated, or even all of the above, please do check out the new Infinity Suit. It would be perfect for any social event or business wear, making it a lovely gift for a man in your life or just as a treat for yourself! And what suit sounds cooler than ‘The Infinity Suit?!’

The Infinity Suit comes in Regular and Slim Fit, in Charcoal or Navy and includes the Infinity Suit trousers and Suit Jacket for £249 (trousers and jacket can be bought together or separately).suit2.jpg

The Infinity Suit paired with T.M.Lewin shoes, shirt and tie (each sold separately)

Have a beautiful day everyone!


Casey x


Disclaimer; This blog is not sponsored, but I am thankful to T.M.Lewin for the opportunity and experience being able to write for them

Couples Spring Wedding Guest Look-book

Hi Guys!

I’ve got a great post for you all today, I’ll be putting together a look-book of outfits that I think are perfect for couples attending a Spring wedding this season, with a few fashion tips I personally follow and like for both men and women

So let’s start with the men! Spring is all about the softer pastels and brighter colours, so I would steer away from the typical dark blue and black suits, as those are more for the Winter seasons. Softer and lighter blue suits with a lighter shirt underneath such as cream or white will really set the blue suit, matching with a subtle oatmeal or taupe to achieve that soft look. Or pair with a tie dripping with colour to really draw make the look pop

And remember, if the outfits chosen in this post aren’t quite right for you or you want to check out other combinations and outfits, head to T.M. Lewin’s website for more suits and dresses 

Here are my top three blue suit picks this season from T.M.Lewin

  1. Brando Blue Sharkskin 2-button regular suit £279 (suit jacket and trousers)What I love about this suit is the colour; it’s a lovely light shade of blue, or ‘shark skin’ as the site states, a lovely powdery blue and grey mix, a sophisticated colour
  2. Islington Plain Blue 2-button slim fit suit £279 (suit jacket and trousers)The Islington suit creates that darker and more slender silhouette a black suit would, but with  a twist. This colour would bring out any colour hair and eyes, whether bright or dark
  3. Kensington Blue Italian Wool 2-Button slim fit suit £329 (suit jacket and trousers)The wool material of this suit gives the blue more depth than the Islington, a little more safer than the brighter blues


Let’s move onto my top three shirts to pair with that gorgeous blue suit:



  1. Cream Twill Slim Fit Double Cuff shirt £39.95
  2. Non-Iron White Twill Regular Fit Shirt £39.95
  3. Premium Fitted Light Blue Regency Weave Shirt £39.95 (All three shirts from T.M Lewin)


If you want to go more casual, feel free to wear the suit without a tie and have a couple top buttons undone to show a cooler and more relaxed look, but this is better for more outdoors wedding scenes such as gardens and beaches

Here are my top 3 ties to match the look:


  1. Orange fish printed silk tie £34.95
    I really love this tie as the orange would really frame the outfit and I love orange with blue. The little fish would catch attention and also a conversation piece!
  2. Light yellow silk tie £34.95
    Just a subtle touch of colour against a crisp white shirt would be easy on the eyes and give depth to the look, and a silk tie will break up a cotton shirt and suit
  3. Cream textured silk tie £34.95
    Another great tie to pair with either a crisp white shirt, darker than white to create layers and depth (all three times from T.M. Lewin)


And to finish off the look; a pair of brown shoes for Spring are less heavy, my favorite are detailed lace ups to give detail and bring texture to the outfit and would especially look great with dark orange or burgundy tie. And if you’re not confident enough for lighter shoes, darker brown will match almost any outfit, brown is the new black!

  1. Farthing Tan Casual Casual Brogues £89.00
    For those more daring for a lighter look, the intricate detail will draw attention and really frame the suit. I would pair these better with a brighter tie such as burgundy or orange
  2. Eltham Brown Derby Brogues £89.00
    Similar detailing to the farthing tan brogues but with softer curved detailing and in a warmer, darker colour
  3. Hampstead Brown Derby Brogues £89.00
    The safer yet still sophisticated dark horse of the brogues, less detailing and a warmer, darker feel  (All three sets of shoes from T.M Lewin) Personally for me, going to a wedding as a couple is a chance to coordinate and look like a couple, if you will. Subtle hints of similar colours within both outfits will bring you both together, whether that just be your shoes, a clutch bag or accessories
    For the ladies, Spring is about being feminine, light and comfortable, especially when its good weather. I love pastels and floral for Spring with a bolder heel, Spring weddings are a chance to crack out those light Spring and Summer dresses that can be dressed up with accessories.Here are my favorite top three Spring wedding looks:
  1. ASOS A-line Dress with Jacquard and Lace Detail £65.00
    Who says the Bride is the only one to wear white? The lace detailing gives depth and detail to the outfit and the gold and blue flower print detailing would tie together with the blue suit
  2. ASOS Pleated midi skirt £30
    I love the look of a high waist midi skirt and top, whether that be a strappy crop top or a long sleeved off the shoulder. A nude or pink skirt is flowy and feminine and will most likely match with anything in your wardrobe, from pops of colour to black, white or nude
  3. ASOS Closet Tie Front Dress with Kimono Sleeve £55
    There’s something very refreshing about kimono dresses, the sleeves are flowy and comfortable to move around in and the blues, pinks and greens from the flowers would match with a variety of shoe colours and would effortlessly tie in well with your mans blue suit!For shoes, cobalt or royal blue heels would tie in with all three outfits, giving each outfit a strong base to frame the overall look and to bring out the lighters colours of blue within the ensemble. Or for a safer and more muted look, you can’t go wrong with nude or powder blue

For Spring, I like strappy and lacey shoes to give off more flare and detail and can set             an outfit just as much as accessories can

  1. New Look Cross Front Heeled powder blue sandal £17.99
    Subtle and can be paired with any other pastel or bold colour, as well as perfect to adding onto a full white or fully black ensemble
  2. ASOS HELLO STRANGER Platform Sandals in Snake Nude £45
    Every girl needs a pair of nude heels, something you can grab quickly and easily and match with any outfit
  3. ASOS Lost Ink Ruri Wrap Around heeled sandals £46
    I love the detail of the straps tying up around the ankle, dressing up the legs and the darker blue in my opinion matches with any other colour, especially pastels

Don’t forget to check out T.M Lewins website to find the suits mentioned in this blog post, as well as a lot more including their new collection at:


Have a great Spring! 

                            Casey x

Tsum Tsum Latest News!

Hello Everybody!

It’s that time again where I fan girl and tell you everything Tsum Tsum that is new or upcoming in the world.

The biggest thing being the upcoming collections, and there are a few to talk about!

The first being The Jungle Book collection that arrived Tuesday the 19th in stores and online including Mowgli, Baloo, King Louie, Kaa, Bagheera, Shere Khan, Raksha and Junior



Most of them are all sold out online in the UK, but I’m not sure about in store

I managed to get Mowgli and Baloo because they are the main focus of the classic and their relationship is so dang cute and I can’t wait to see the live remake next week


Zootropolis (or Zootopia depending on where you live in the world) also released their collection at the Disney Store last month and is also now available in Clintons UK, however they only stock a few variants, unfortunately not Flash who seems to be the favorite! They do stock Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in the medium size plush which I have not seen in the Disney stores or the sites

The next collection we are going to be seeing is the Avengers Series 2 collection featuring; Vision, Bucky/Winter Solider, Falcon, War Machine, Black Panther, Hawkeye and Antman which I’m actually really digging (being the girlfriend of a Marvel super nerd)


That collection will be released on the 3rd of May in stores and online.

The Star Wars Boba Fett collection will be following the Avengers series 2 collection just the day after on May the 4th (get it?) featuring Boba Fett in small, medium and large plush


And whilst we’re on about May the 4th which is also known as Star Wars day, Japan will be getting the Star Wars: Force Awakens collection which includes; Rey, Rey with goggled, BB-8, Kylo Ren, Finn stormtrooper, Finn in Pilot jacket, Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron and a First Order stormtrooper in mini plush. BB-8 being popular will be also available in medium and large, as well as Kylo Ren and Capt. Fasma released in medium size


Now, I don’t know whether the bigger sizes will come out the same day as the mini sizes but keep an eye out for further information on my blog!

But don’t fear! Europe and the US will be getting this collection a little bit later on June 21st ’16.

Now lets take a minute to look at the Disney Parks collections that are now available and what is coming up next!

The Disney theme parks started to release collections of characters from in and around the park that fit in with an area of the park or a ride. The parks have already seen the Vehicle collection inspired from different rides around the park such as Dumbo from the flying Dumbo ride to the log from splash mountain.

They then released the Pirates of the Caribbean ride tsum tsums, not to be mixed up with the film characters. The collection has tsum’s such as Dog with Key and Skeleton Pirate.

The third Disney parks collection will be The Haunted Mansion Collection which are inspired from the Haunted Mansion ride that were released April 15th of this year in Parks, the collection includes; Phineas, The Bride, Erza, Gus, Madame Leota, Opera Singer and Maid.


Now the next collection is rumored to be released this Summer but with no exact date, but pictures have been shown on the Disney Blog of five tsum tsums from the Fantasy Land collection including a fantasy Mickey and Minnie, a purple Hippo, a horse and some other character which I can’t quite make out!

We have also seen sneak peak photos of the Finding Dory collection being released at Pixar Studios in the US including Dory and some fun new characters including an Otter and a whale, as well as familiar face Nemo! The film arrives in the UK on the 29th of July, but a little earlier for the US on June 17th so I’m hoping we will see the collection very soon!


Moving onto other things Tsum Tsum, the Disney store brought out a ladies onesie pyjama set which I actually came across in store by accident and NEEDED IT ASAP! Luckily they had 2 left in a small and a medium, and I got the medium as I like them baggy

The UK Disney store has also released more tsum tsum mugs including Alice and Cheshire cat. They also have another variant of a plastic tumbler with straw.


Online the UK site (not sure about the US) they have an adorable tsum tsum single bedding set which I want so badly but I have a double bed!!!! *crying*. They also have a pascal tsum tsum pencil case, as well as in the cheshire cat version.


Clothing wise, the site and store now do more womens t shirts including a striped tank with Mickey and Minnie saying #MickMinnieForever which is so damn cute!

They also have more t-shirt styled tops, one covered in various tsum tsums and the word ‘tsum tsum’, and a hot pink tee with a love heart filled with tsums saying ‘#ADORBS’ – which they really are

You can now also buy reusable tsum tsum shopping bags that actually fold up and stuff inside a tsum tsum slightly larger than a mini tsum tsum and you can get Stitch, Mickey or Minnie as well as a few other character. They also do a small across the shoulder every day bags that come with a tsum tsum shaped purse available in various characters


I think that is all for now folks! There are a few tsum tsum items that pop up in store by chance that online may not have, so keep an eye out! Check back in a few weeks when I will post yet another Tsum tsum news post as there is not stop stacking! Byee! x

Favorite Looks From Oscars 2016

Hello Everybody!

It seems about two minutes ago that I posted my favorite looks from Oscars 2015! It’s come around so quickly and it was an amazing get together of talent and of course; Leo’s big win for best actor (finally!)

I’m actually going to start with the men first, and this is because usually the women get all the attention from the lovely gowns they wear; but I think the guys deserve to be praised too. Sure, they only really wear a suit or tux, but it doesn’t mean they don’t look great!

Leonardo DiCaprio- Armani 

leo osc.jpg


It’s the classic look that wins every time. Nothing more than a crisp white shirt, a black jacket and matching trousers. And of course the sharp bow tie. His hair was slicked across making him look like a perfect gentleman, finishing the outfit off with shiny Louboutin shoes. The look of a winner

Jared Leto- Gucci

jared osc.jpg


There’s something about his suit that makes it stand out from all the rest, but not in the ‘Look at me I’m different!’ kind of way. The suit outlined in red makes it pop, and the flower around the neck instead of a tie or bow really gives him a unique look and ties the red outline together. Very different to last years white tux I must say!

Ryan Gosling


Another smart and sophisticated suit. Sporting a Gucci black shawl lapel one button Signoria tuxedo with a white evening shirt, white silk bowtie and black patent leather laceups. The white bow tie is a refreshing and different look. Very handsome indeed.

Michael Fassbender



Again, with a very classic looking suit. However, the longer cut of the jacket and the lapel with quite a large fold over and a shinier finish gives it a different feel compared to the clean cut suit DiCaprio was wearing. The black buttons also tie in nicely, and the white pocket handkerchief.

Mark Ruffalo

He wore a smart navy blue Valentino jacket which gave his sophisticated look a pop of colour without being too much. It makes a difference from green…


Christian Bale-Dolce and Gabbana

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

It takes quite a manly-man to pull off all black. In my opinion anyway! I couldn’t see a more thinner, frail looking body wearing an all black ensemble. Especially with the shirt, the waistcoat and the jacket. He looked very clean cut and sophisticated, like a girl and her LBD.

Now let’s move onto the ladies! *wolf whistle*

Jennifer Lawrence- Dior Haute Couture

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

She never ceases to look good. Whether in her sweatpants running errands or in glitz and glam on the red carpets. Her Dior dress was stunning, a lot of skin showing and elegant lace, but no too revealing and over the top where you would feel uncomfortable looking at her. Her sleek blonde bob also suits her beautiful and her understated make up brings out her natural beauty

Charlize Theron- Dior Haute Couture 

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

A favorite of mine last year with her yellow gown. And again this year with her sultry red Dior dress. It shows off her lovely to-die-for figure and the low cut v-neck and the long necklace make her outfit scream sexy yet elegant. Her hair up and fringe over to one side was gorgeous and didn’t take anything away from her outfit

Cate Blanchett -Armani Prive with Swarovski crystals

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Another fantastic woman who looks fabulous. All. The. Time. Her sea foam green Armani dress embellished with Swarovski crystals fit her body like a glove. The flower details throughout the dress aren’t over the top and her soft blonde hair really complimented the dress

Brie Larson- Gucci

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The colour of her gown was beautiful. A cobalt blue dress with ruffles that made her sway like the gorgeous ocean with every movement. The bodice of the dress was lighter making the dress look less heavy, and the large and very detailed silver chunky belt tied the two together. Her hair was simple and elegant showing off a purple lip.

Rachel McAdams-August Getty Atelier


Rachel dared to bare all in her emerald green backless dress and also showed off her tones legs through a high thigh slit. She looked simple yet ravishing as she sported sparkly drop ear rings, and mostly minimal make up, apart from a slightly darker eye which was sultry and smoky. The dress featured a long train and the green of her dress brought out the gorgeous hazel of her eyes

Well there you have it! My favorite looks from the Red Carpet 2016 88th Annual Oscar Awards. And even though there are plenty of other looks that were stunning, these are just a few I chose that jumped out at me specifically and personally

Let me know you’re favorite Oscar red carpet look!

Marvel Tsum Tsums to be released!

Hi Guys!

You know how crazy I am for Tsum Tsums! The Nightmare before Christmas Collection just came out this month and already people are going crazy for next months release; Marvel Avengers and The Ultimate Spiderman!

tsum marv

For some time I’ve been wondering when will they do Marvel ones? Since Marvel is part of Disney and not so long ago Marvel bought the rights to Spiderman, so I thought it would be a really cool collection that a lot of people would go mad for

So the collection has two parts to it; One collection are the classic Avengers; Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawk Eye, Captain America and Black Widow. And these will be available in the small sizes

But they are also doing Spiderman as a sub-collection if you will, in size small, medium and large!

They did show Hulk at this years Comic-Con but then kind of went of the grid; so we knew it was coming eventually! And now its super soon


If you also notice, looking closely on the tags there are more Marvel characters on the outside, hopefully hinting that more Marvel tsum tsums are to come!

I definitely know that Super Movie Maniac is excited and that you should check out his super awesome blog that talks about all things Marvel, just click on the name link!!

Happy Stacking! x

D23: Full List of Live Action Upcoming Films!

Hello everyone!

The past couple hours have been craaaaazyyy! D23 is currently half way through day 2 of the convention with Marvel showing a trailer of Captain America: Civil War with guest appearances, then followed by a presentation announcing all new upcoming Live Action films and the crowd were going crazy!

Not to mention Bog Iger announcing that Disneyland and World in California and Orlando will be expanding to make room for a 14 acre Star Wars Land- How freakin awesome?!

I’ve composed together a list of the new Live Action films that will be hitting our big screens in the next few years and a bit of information about each of them reported directly from D23!

The Jungle Book


April 2016, The Jungle Book Live Action will be appearing on our screens and directed by John Favro who also directed and wrote Elf, Iron Man and Chef

Some of the cast members to be appearing in the Live Action are on stage at D23 as we speak, including Ben Kingsley (Bagheera), Lupita Nyong’o (Rakcha) and Neel Sethi (Mowgli)

Christopher Walken will also provide the voice for king of the orangutans and Bill Murray to voice Balloo

The first look poster was also revealed and it looks absolutely breathtaking!

Beauty and The Beast


For quite a few months now, we have known that the original and beautiful Beauty and the Beast movie was going to be turned into a Live Action, and now on day 2 of D23; more news and updates are flooding in!

The movie has been confirmed to be a musical and will hit our screens March 2017

We already know that Emma Watson will be playing Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast along side many more announced cast names

Luke Evans and Josh Gad even performed some of “Gaston” in a taped video shown at the Live Action presentation at D23. There are also reports stating there will be two confirmed new songs for the Beauty and the Beast Live Action and also shown in 3D

Alice Through The Looking Glass


The company has given up a first glimpse at Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska in Alice Through The Looking Glass via two appropriately whimsical teaser posters! They look amazing!


The film revisits Lewis Carolls beloved story with time travel and brings back the well known characters we all know and love!

The cast is made up of Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Rhys Ifans, Matt Lucas, Sacha Baron Cohen, Stephen Fry, Toby Jones, Alan Rickman, Michael Sheen, Timothy Spall, Paul Whitehouse and Barbara Windsor!

It will be hitting our screens May 27th 2016

Pete’s Dragon


A new Live Action film of the classic 1977 film Pete’s Dragon will be on our screens in 2016 and directed by David Lowery

Bailey said it was a film they thought would never be remade and said “Like many great boy and his dog—or boy and his dragon—stories, this one will make you laugh and make you cry.”

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales


Yet ANOTHER original Live Action film to grace us with its presence in 2017 with Pirates of the Caribbean; Dead Men Tell No Tales

It is confirmed that Orlando Bloom WILL be returning in this film, and reports show that Johnny Depp has stepped on stage at the D23 presentation in full Jack Sparrow costume and throwing grapes into the audience?! How strange

He was even replying to questions in character as Jack Sparrow- it’s such a shame that photos and video are absolutely forbidden

In his typical drunken and silly self, Jack Sparrow asked; ‘Where are we? Disneyland? I’ve never heard of it!’

The film sets sail July 7th 2017!

Star Wars The Force Awakens and Rogue One


Episode 7 The Force Awakens opens December 2015 and Rogue One has been confirmed to arrive a year later set for December 2016 on the big screen

Episode 8 and 9 also confirmed, meaning Rogue One will most likely be a spin off or prequel. The Cast for Rogue one include Mads Mikkelsen, Forrest Whitaker, Felicity Jones, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen and Ben Mendelsohn!

Limited Edition Disney Expo Tsum Tsums!

Hi Guys!

D23 is getting into the second day of the event in California and I’m still so very sad not to be there!

So many people keep the rest of us up to date with tweets and blog updates of whats going on and Live, but unfortunately a lot of the content cannot be videoed or captured in any way other than words

However some things such as merchandise can be shown and have been circulating around the internet, and thanks to a few people on twitter; I’ve managed to grab hold of some photographs of the new Tsum Tsum collections that are only available at D23 *sobs*

The Fantasia collection came out yesterday of D23 day one, and today we saw the new Pinocchio set released and they are even in a special limited edition box- I have never been more jealous (thanks to @DisneyTsumTsum account for the photo)


The set includes Pinocchio with donkey ears, Jimminy Cricket, Monstro, Gepetto, The Blue Fairy, Honest John, Lampwick as a Donkey and Gideon

Tomorrow on the 3rd and last day of D23, the black and white Steamboat Willie collection will be released for those at the expo to get their lucky hands on them… and you know when I said I thought I couldn’t get any more jealous? Well I lied.


This set looks amazing. The only collection so far to be black and white just like the Steamboat Willie program itself- it includes; Mickey and Minnie Mouse in steamboat outfits, Peg Leg Pete and the Goat. These also come in a very cool black and white box with carry handles and boat steering wheel design

These are selling like hot cakes and there isn’t much hope at all of them being sold anywhere else as there’s only 2,000 of each

*breaks down crying*

Looks like the rest of us will have to take to Ebay and pay hundreds of pounds for them if we really want them!

Happy Magic! x

Disney Expo Limited Edition Anniversary Tsum Tsums!

*drowning in a puddle of my own tears* … Oh hey guys

Yes! I am so damn sad to hear that those who are at D23 can purchase a whole set of limited edition Disney Fantasia Tsum Tsums that were brought out to celebrate 75 years of Fantasia!

And apparently there’s more to come! Rumour has it, those at D23 will be able to get their hands on more limited edition collections *heart bursts*

 Take a look!

fant tsum fant

Can’t.. stop… the tears

I cannot believe I live in the UK and had zero chance to be there, my purse would be so empty!! Those who held a special Sorcerers ticket were allowed to see and buy the merchandise earlier than the rest

The collection includes seven mini Tsum Tsums (Sorcerer Mickey, Yen Sid, Ben Ali Gator, Hyacinth Hippo, Chernabog, Baby Pegasi, and Hop Low), two medium Tsum Tsums (Sorcerer Mickey and Baby Pegasi), and two Large Tsum Tsums (Sorcerer Mickey and Hyacinth Hippo)

You can even get some of them in the larger sizes!

tsum big

Thanks to Mariel Rotundo-Patino on twitter (@leriam10) who shared this image

The tags are even special with a shiny D23 logo

d23 tag

Tsum Tsum Subscription Coming Soon!

Hi Guys!

It pains me to say how much amazing Disney merch there will be right now selling at D23… and how much of my money they’re missing out on! *cry*

I’ve seen so many pictures swirling around on the internet of tsum tsum money banks, clothing and also this sign that states a subscription box will be coming out soon including a mini tsum tsum and a special exclusive tsum tsum

tsum tights  dresssss

It says the box will cost $24.95 a month- but I have every thing I can possibly cross on my body, crossed! I need this to be a thing in the UK! I NEED IT!

D23 Expo- ‘Zootopia’ ‘Moana’ and ‘Gigantic’

Hi again!

Just a couple hours ago, D23 Expo revealed three more Disney films; Zootopia, Moana and Gigantic!


Zootopia revolves around a town of animals, specifically a fox whose on the run for a crime he didn’t commit and reports state we should be seeing this on the big screen in 2016 with Jason Bateman and Shakira voice acting

Did you know?


That there is a Easter egg in the film Big Hero 6! When Baymax and Hiro fly under the train tracks, behind them is a poster for Zootopia


D23 also revealed the spin off movie from Jack and the Bean stalk; Gigantic. The story will include Jack climbing that famous bean stalk and meeting a girl called Inma and exploring a whole new world in the sky, however no cast members have been announced but music will be written by the big hit Frozens hit music composers Kristen and Robert Lopez


The third film we’ve been told about is Moana; A young woman who uses her navigational skills to set sail on a fabled island and meets her favorite hero demi-god ‘Maui’ voiced by Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock

More exciting Disney films are arriving and really soon!

Disney D23 Expo Day 1: Upcoming Films

Hello guys!

Disney started their expo today in California and gave away a lot of information about new and upcoming films and a lot of it was leaked

So if you haven’t heard by now; here are the new films that are heading our way in the world of Disney Pixar!

Toy Story 4:


Apparently Woody is finally going to get the girl! Yes, a love story! Will it be Bo Peep or will we see new characters? Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are reported to be returning and the story based more upon the toys personal lives rather than their interaction with children and it was reported we will be seeing toy story 4 on June 16, 2017

The Good Dinosaur:


The Good Dinosaur is the new upcoming film that isn’t a sequel but a brand new movie.  Arlo the Apatosaurus is coming to our screens on November 25th and revolves around a dinosaur and his relationship with a young boy

Cars 3:


Very little has been said about this film. And personally; I’m not a fan! But for those who are, it will hopefully be a very exciting new chapter and will be on your big screen in 2018

The Incredibles 2:


Unfortunately, there is even less information about this film apart from the film poster being revealed

Finding Dory:


Finding Dory has been rumoured for a couple years now and the D23 Expo finally revealed an interactive poster including Dory swimming around and popping up at random intervals with the caption; ‘Have you seen her?’ and set to be on our screens in 2016

The convention will carry on until the 16th and has had many special celebrity guests arrive including Johnny Depp and George Lucas, as well as many exciting events going on for those who got a ticket including more information to come about all things Disney!

There is much more to come in the next couple of days so stay tuned to read more!

 Happy Disney! x