hitchBOT: World Travelling Robot

Hi Guys!

Here is a little project I’ve been working on the past couple weeks or so. I found out about this really interesting story that took place last year which I thought would make a great StoryMap piece. StoryMap is an app that allows you to tell a story or a journey that moves around, using pin point locations on the world map!

I decided to do about hitchBOT, the Canadian robot made by David Harris Smith of McMaster University and Frauke Zeller of Ryerson University. Their mission; get people to pick hitchBOT up from the side of the road, take hitchBOT across Canada however far they could and hopefully help hitchBOT tick off things from hitchBOTs bucket list, seeing sights along the way

hitchBOT was all over the news across Canada and the U.S and got a lot of press coverage on the News

To see hitchBOT’s journey, explore the map below to follow the journey!




Did you hear about hitchBOT’s adventure last year or know anyone who may have encountered hitchBOT along the way? Please let me know! 🙂




Countdown to Portugal!

Hi Guys!

I thought I would do just a quick lifestyle post as I haven’t really done one for a while and what could be better to post about than my excitement for my holiday next week?!

So I didn’t really blog much about this but on Valentines day this year I surprised my boyfriend Joe with a holiday away to Portugal! We had said we should combine valentines day gifts and our two year anniversary gifts as one and both book somewhere to go or something to do. We planned for Joe to receive his surprise on Valentines day and for me to receive mine on our two year date (May 5th).

We had a lovely morning with breakfast of strawberries and Bucks Fizz, and then we did gifts. Even though I wasn’t receiving my surprise for another few months, he still got me a gift bag full of Disney goodies which I love 🙂

Then it was my turn! I had bought a very cute wooden box and inside I put lots of little souvenirs etc from places we had been such as cinema tickets and our Disneyland boarding passes, photographs etc, as well as some sweeties I knew he’d enjoy. Getting further down into the box of goodies he saw a bottle of sun cream and our passports! Then he got to read about where we were going; Carvoerio, Portugal!


I booked a 6 day trip to Portugal in a 5* hotel called the Hotel Tivoli, right on the coast with a little private beach and caves. It has the most amazing views and it’s just going to be the perfect getaway this Easter. I booked train tickets to the airport and arranged transport from the airport to the hotel as well as booking a buffet breakfast for each morning. The hotel is just a short walk away from the town and there are plenty of excursions to book! 😀

Safe to say he was really excited, I tried to capture it on tape but I only caught the second half! 😦 We’ve both been counting down and it’s only a week to go! (we fly on the 22nd March)

So excited for some sunshine, to explore some gorgeous places and spend a lovely week away with Joe. We both really deserve it!

The week count down has begun, I finish this term at University on Friday and celebrations begin!

And then I can’t wait to find out what Joe and I are doing in May for my surprise getaway!

Hope you all have a great Easter and enjoy any time off you may have! x

Change of Disney Trip Plans!

Hi guys!

Not too long ago I posted about Joe and I visited Disneyland Paris again this Christmas for the second time, however we’ve decided to bump it up a notch and head to Disney World Orlando Florida instead!! 🙂

We have decided to save what we would usually spend on two holidays and plan a week away in America visiting the Disney Parks and Universal

We always manage to find such awesome deals on flights and lovely hotels meaning the money we would’ve spent can be spending money!

Neither have us have been to America and the flight from the UK is pretty long at around 8 hours (longest I have done is around 6 to Egypt) but with all the food you get served and free films, I think we’ll be be okay 😉

We are hopefully booking to go at Easter 2016, and with our Uni time tables being pretty flexible and having more time off than schools do, we can avoid the holidays and packed crowds as a lot of families go away in the school holidays! When we visited Paris this Easter the queues were 10-15 minutes long max!

Please let me know what things we must do and see at the Disney Parks and Universal!! 🙂

I will do a follow up post all about how we found such a great deal and tips and tricks to saving and booking, but until then check out my previous post: How to book a cheap, stress free first class holiday

Happy Magic! x

Upcoming Disney Christmas Trip!

Hi Guys!

Very exciting news!! Joe and I are planning a second trip to Disney land Paris during Christmas!!

Luckily I have time off in November for university and Joe being in third year hardly has to go in- so that means time off for a holiday! And school holidays aren’t until end of December which means it’ll be cheaper, not as busy but also Christmas themed as Disneyland Paris turns into an enchanted wonderland November 7th!

The last trip was during their Swing into Spring Easter theme and it was beautiful so I cannot wait to see the amazing decorations and parades and feel the magic!

I can’t wait to go and see what goodies I can buy and just the amazing feeling atmosphere!

Happy Magic! x

Tips on How To Save At Disneyland!

Hello Everyone!

Today is going to be more about money and lifestyle and for one particular thing; Disneyland/World!

I have been to Disneyland Paris three times and my boyfriend and I are planning to book a Christmas vacation November/December time again to see the Christmas themed wonderland! The first time I stayed at Disneyland was for around 5 days in one of the Disneyland Hotels; The Newport hotel. And yes it was rather expensive!

And although it was very magical with my family; I was pretty young and don’t remember all too much. The second time I visited I didn’t stay over as it was a day trip when I was in Paris, but the third time my boyfriend and I decided to see how cheap we could get it but making sure it was a comfortable, exciting and also close enough to a 5 star amazing experience the same as you would spending lots of money!

So from personal experience, here is my top tips for preparing for Disneyland before you go and during your stay;

1. If you want to save money right off the bat; go to Disneyland in the week and not weekends- ticket prices soar and it will also be much more to fly and traffic on weekends most likely busier on weekends

2. Stay in a near by hotel off Disney grounds! We stayed at the Kyriad Hotel which is a Sister hotel to the Disneyland hotels. This means they cater a lot for people who want to visit Disneyland as they have a shuttle bus going to a from the hotel to the parks early until late- there are plenty of cheaper and nice hotels off grounds

3. Visit near by shops and pack your own food- Restaurants in Disney as well as food stands are not cheap! I paid around 10 euros for a hot dog one time which was ridiculous! Near your hotel you may have shops you can get cheaper supplies to pack sandwiches to eat throughout the day- or stock up from breakfast like we did!

4. Buy Disney land tickets online- and before you go- we find great sites where they discount tickets when you buy one or more

5. Never book through Disneyland itself- they will charge you probably triple for what you could find elsewhere!

6. If you want cute Disneyland clothing; buy before you go. Yes it’s true, Disneyland has very cute clothing and apparel that you want to buy and wear around the park to show off.. but truth it, you can find it at home for pennies! Places in the UK such as Primark and US shops such as Target probably have a cute cheap range

7. Make sure to set money limits and don’t take all you have at once- limit yourself to a certain amount each day you’re in the park, that way you’ll know how much you can spend and you’ll know you’ll have more money for the next day!

8. Always pack essentials yourself- pain killers, tissues, lip balms, plasters, sanitary towels and water bottles. Places like Disneyland lack these sort of essentials (especially first aid!) I had issues trying to find painkillers as the site did not sell any and neither did the gift shop in the hotel!!

Those are my top tips for saving money whilst at Disneyland/World!

Happy Saving! x

Photography- Malta in Photos


A bit of a different one today; photography! My boyfriend Joe is big with film and media and television and filmography and all that jazz and he now has a professional camera and it arrived just in time for our holiday to Malta!

I won’t blab on but I thought I would share some snaps that Joe and I both took (mainly Joe) and show the beauty that is the Island of Malta, enjoy!

P.s Some are from his pro camera and some may just be favorites from his gopro or my camera

alps aq batt bay bay2 bay3 bay4 bay6 bay7 bay8 beach bee bell cat church cocktail ferr flowe fly grot hot kitty lagoo lagoon lagoon2 lagoon3 liz rocks sea2 tree view2 window

It was a beautiful memory that I’m going to keep and look back on forever


Casey has landed! (Almost)

Hello everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted; it’s been a hectic one!

Last time I posted it was a count down to my holiday to Malta and It was around a week away, and now it’s already over! Sitting in Malta international airport as I type!

image image

Its been an amazing trip; a whole week of sun, sea, yummy food and of course the amazing views and excursions we went on


We managed to take lots of photos and I made sure to take some snaps of outfit of the days to let you guys know  what I was rocking in malta the past week 🙂

I will also be doing some posts all about what we got up to! 😁

Bye for now! 😘

Happy Travels x

Safari Experience! Feeding Giraffes!

Hi Guys!

An exciting one this afternoon!

Today we ventured out to West Midlands Safari Park where you take your own car around the Zoo and the animals are roaming around and you can buy food to feed them!


Some animals are obviously fenced off such as Lions and Tigers, but Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos, Deer and loads others were out and about and you can feed them!


However, some such as Prairie Dogs and other more dangerous animals you had to keep your windows up for

rh leo

The funniest thing was a huge type of Deer (very, very big!) got his entire head through the window and proceeded to eat the food from the box I had in between my legs! Ended up having to shove it back out of the window and there was a lot of saliva and a lot of laughing


We saw an pride of Lioness’ and a pride of white lions, absolutely beautiful! Some even came across the road!


We also got to see the adorable baby elephant we saw last year that was only weeks old, now a little bigger and running around!

bab el el

But the BEST part of the day was the Giraffes! There were about 7 or 8 on the roads and we decided to put the food pellets on the roof of the car, and it worked! The windows were rolled down and they were bending their necks down to feed right from out of our hands!


Truly amazing! I even touched ones leg gently (it didn’t really appreciate that)

g4gg ggg

We then topped off the day with some food; burgers and jacket potatoes! Best thing was it was my treat day too!

We also bought tickets for the mini theme park and had a ride on the flumes and the water rapids; safe to say I was drenched afterwards!!


I just cannot believe we actually fed Giraffes! It took around two hours to get around the entire zoo in the car, and if you’re lucky you get some amazing views of animals coming right up to the window


Such a lucky day!

Happy Safari! x


Holiday Countdown!

Hi Guys!

Another more personal one today!

It’s only been a couple months since Joe and I came back from Disneyland, and we already have another Holiday booked!

Unfortunately not Disneyland, but somewhere hot this time for a relaxing beach holiday! We’ve booked for a week in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean sea


I’m so excited! We were looking for a while and last week we finally booked it and we fly on the 29th!

Just 19 days to go!

Normally people book holidays and have months to wait but we always do it pretty last minute to get amazing deals

We’re in a hotel called San Pawl on the island of St Paul’s Bay and we chose half board, meaning breakfast buffet every morning and a dinner or tea buffet


St Pauls Bay

The hotel has a bus stop right outside the hotel and we can get a full day pass for one euro and fifty cents! So cheap!

We have also been paying money into our painted Piggy Bank for excursions! I think so far we’ve saved around £50 and excursions start from £2.50!


We’re also just a stones throw away from a beach and a short walk away from the town with shops and cafes!

I’m so excited to relax by the pool, stroll on the beach, and go see lots of sights! We chose somewhere hot where we can relax but also somewhere with things to do; and Malta sounds perfect!


We’re flying from Leeds Bradford at 7:05am meaning a train and coach from York at around 4am!

We even have a private transfer to and from the hotel, so no worrying like last time trying to find which way to get there was easiest! Only 16 euros for both of us too

I’ve bought sooo many new clothes to look absolutely fabulous! Joe even has a new fancy camera to take some amazing snap shots!

I’m so very excited and I’ll be sure to blog about it and let you all know how it goes! Might even spur you to visit!

Happy Vacation! x


Disneyland Holiday Experience and Review!



It’s been three weeks since I came back from Disneyland and what an amazing trip it was! I miss the magic and the fun and all the lack of stress!

I thought I would do a bit of a story time all about our trip and it can be something to look back on for Joe and myself


We flew from Manchester Airport and our flight was at 1.10pm, we got quite an early train from Huddersfield at around 9.30am to get there for around 11am, the train journey was good and we had pot noodles for breakfast haha! We had printed out our boarding passes so checking in was easy, just security and bag checks and we were through! It was all very easy to find as well as the Manchester Aiport train takes you right to the terminals

We only had about an hour wait, we were pretty tired and the only shops they really had was WHSmiths and the ones that sell watches and electronics… I ended up getting a sandwich meal deal as it had already somehow been hours since breakfast

We were boarding at around 12.50pm and it was pretty easy to find the gate, we were sitting quite at the back on the aeroplane and it was a rather small plane. Joe had only been on a plane twice before, I’ve been on loads but it had been a few years since my last plane ride so I was a little nervous! (especially with all the sad plane news stories lately)


We set off and it was a really quick journey! By the time we were up in the air and I had read all the inflight magazines, we were landing in 20 minutes. It was a little windy, and we got into some clouds. Not rain clouds but enough that we couldn’t really see out the window, a bit of turbulence too.. safe to say I was suddenly the nervous one clinging onto Joes arm!


We landed and it was around 4pm Paris time and we needed to figure out what transport to get to the hotel, we didn’t want to book in advance as there were so many options and we were in no particular rush. And by the way.. Paris airport is HUGE!!

We managed to find a place that sells tickets for this super fast train that takes 11 minutes to get to Disneyland paris and then all we would need to do is wait for a shuttle bus to take us to our hotel for free

But the fast train was almost 80 euros each! And we had to book tickets coming back then and there, but our flight returning was really early at around 9am, meaning check in was around 7am and we had no clue whether there would be a shuttle coming back early enough and they didn’t know the times either (great help!!!!)

We then went some place else to see about the slow train; they said it would take around two hours and cost around 50 euros each for a return, it wasn’t as bad for price but yet again they didn’t know the earlier one coming back! They couldn’t even really understand what we were saying.. So we couldn’t risk it

Finally one of the rude women behind the desk mentioned a coach, said it took half an hour and was cheaper. Why didn’t they mention that in the first place?! We made our way over to the coach and bus station and finally a kind woman who spoke fluently in English! She explained that the coach would drop us off right outside our hotel (score!) and only cost around 30 euros each return, and she even told us the coach would come grab us from the hotel on the way back at around 6.50am, getting us to the airport in plenty of time. YAY!

The coach was amazing too, a big Disneyland style coach with a kind driver and a wide screen television telling you all about Disneyland which got you super excited


We got to the hotel and we checked in within seconds (The Kyriad Hotel), a Disneyland sister hotel. It was nice, a french vineyard type hotel, nice big open grounds and a cute gift shop inside. We went up to our room and it was lovely, nice size room with air-con and heating we could adjust ourselves, two single beds but you could push them together, a huge wardrobe and safe, a large desk and chair, mini bed side tables, a big nice window with black out curtains and a wide screen television with a couple english channels too!

rom room

The bathroom was lovely as well! A lovely powerful shower and bath, a lovely large clean sink and giant mirror and fresh towels. We also had free wifi which was awesome, meant we could contact back home (and of course social networking)


We were pretty hungry as it had been about 6 or 7 hours since we had eaten, we went to check out the buffet from the restaurant but it was 21 euros and there wasn’t too much of a selection for Joe as he was vegetarian. There was also vending machines with sandwiches and salad bowls etc but was a tad pricey, we had no change but there was a machine to give change from notes. We had a wander round the hotel where they had kiddy rides and toys for children to play with; probably for when the adults are in the bar or waiting for a coach etc

It was a nice idea but I wish it wasn’t just in the lobby, It could’ve have been in a separate room, it took the classy vintage feel away. We liked the little Disney store too, it was open up 8pm and sold some similar stuff to what the actual Disneyland stores sold, so if you had forgotten to get a gift or something, you could go there! The only thing was they didn’t sell and pain killers and I had major headache, they sold other stuff like tampons and sun cream though

Joe was sure we could just grab one of the free shuttles that came right outside the entrance doors every ten minutes to Disneyland and go to the village which you don’t need tickets for, so we hopped on one and off we went! We were unsure about what we could do the first night but we were sorted now! Ten minutes later we were at Disneyland! A quick bag check and you can go around the village where there’s a variety of shops and restaurants. We just decided with McDonalds (typical tourist) just because we wanted something quick and fatty!


It was so big but so crowded! Everyone else must have had the same idea! This woman came around down the queues and took our order via a little machine so that when we got to the front, our order would be ready and we could just pay. They didn’t have milkshake which was weird and disappointing. And when we got to the front she was trying to charge me 27 euros for two large fries and a drink which should have been 8? Clearly the orders were mixed up and it was hard trying to tell the non-english speaking lady that I didn’t order filet-o-fish or a fanta

We eventually got our order and walked around with the food bags round the village, looked in the cool shops such as the Lego store which had a HUGE Mickey Mouse, Buzz lightyear and Woody made out of lego, and really cool mosaic pictures around the walls

We went over to the celebrity hand print wall of fame wall!

hand hands

I was already so excited and in the Disney Spirit wearing my disney ears and jumper!


We looked around the shops and then headed back to the hotel around 10.30pm, we were knackered but so looking forward to the next day! Our first full day is Disneyland!

I then noticed something on the desk in the room, a little leaflet that said if we asked for our rooms not to be attended to (meaning no fresh towels, beds made etc) for 2 or more night (and we were staying for 3) that we could get 5 euros off breakfast

We decided to go for it, so the next morning we were up early at 7.15am, dressed and downstairs to the reception and handed them the leaflet, she gave us two vouchers for the discount and we headed to breakfast, it was in another building, like a large hall with a buffet and dining tables, we only had to pay 6 euros each for all you can eat which is amazing


We really enjoyed breakfast, there were pastries and bread, cheeses and meats, sausages and omelets, plenty of cereals and fruit and yogurt. It was good for me as I wanted oriental breakfast as well as continental. And Joe doesn’t eat meat so he had plenty of breakfast choice, we made sure we were really full to last us most of the day as disneyland food and drink is expensive. We also managed to pack sandwiches and pastries from the buffet in his back pack to keep us going! Such a handy trick

They also had three different kinds of juices and then water, milk and hot drinks. We had a couple hours for breakfast until we decided to leave for the shuttle bus, the park opened at 10 so we got a bus around 9.30am, we were tired but excited and knew the adrenaline was going to kick in!

We had bags checked and got through super quick and easy!

It was amazing, a huge floral entrance way and inside was also filled with Spring decor and these huge float displays of Aristocats, Lion King etc made out of flowers, it was so magical and exciting!


We decided to head to Alice in Wonderlands Maze, it was so much fun going around finding our way to the castle in the middle, then going up to the balcony and seeing the spectacular views!

cur up maz

We continued on to Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain! We also wandered around and ended up doing a lot of rides, the queues weren’t long at all, we managed Tower of Terror, Rock N Rollercoaster, the Stunt Show, Armageddon, Adventure Isle through all the wonderful caves, Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast, Peter Pan; so many!


We looked around the shops too, felt all the excitement, smelt all the aromas, explored the castle and tried some food from Casey’s Corner! It was so epic, I’ve been before and seen it but haven’t ever been in it (I have my own corner at Disney, how amazing is that?!)

corner casye

We managed to see Minnies Spring Train Parade, so flowery and bright with fun music and loads of characters, there were a few a days and the characters changed. We also managed to see a singing and dancing show of Mary Poppins; they had a make shift stage all decorated near Autopia and where Space Mountain is (Which was closed, AGAIN!) and I really enjoyed it! It was supercalafraga- yeah you get the idea!


We also saw the main US Street parade to see all the characters!


We were so excited for the Disney Magique Late night show of the Castle, I had seen it once before on a school trip but I really wished I could’ve seen it with Joe; and I finally did! I videoed the whole thing, we sang along to loads of the songs and it was a perfect end to the day!


We had a look round some more shops and the village buying goodies along the way, excited for tomorrow!

We got back to the hotel and realised that even though we asked for our rooms not to be serviced or cleaned to help the environment and get money off breakfast, they did it anyway; clean towers, new sheets and beds made! Not complaining! Either they forgot or are just generous

Beds were super comfortable, was nice to sit down as our feet were hurting! Stuck the television on for a bit on BBC news (Woo!) and chilled out after a hot soaking shower; sooooo good!

It was in bed and up again for breakfast around 8.30 (Joe put the alarm on wrong so we actually got up late!) to stuff our faces and pack Joes bag full of goodies! They had changed the pastries to cinnamon swirls which we were happy about, we packed more than we could even eat this time too!

The only thing at breakfast was that if you left your food on the table and went to fetch something or get a drink, staff would come over and clear it! Even if it was a full plate! Then the table seemed free and someone would take it. So we had someone at the table at all times!

Hopped onto the shuttle at around 9.30 to get there for 9.40, a little longer wait this time but not long at all really. We decided to go back on some rides; Indiana Jones and Big Thunder, we also explored up the Peter Pan tree house which was lovely, really nice big open views of greenery and the park


We got to explore the new Ratatouille area, they’ve actually turned it into the French Town, the exact same restaurants and signs, the motorbikes and scooters they ride, it was like being in the film! We saw the ride wait was 95 minutes! But we know they lie so really it was probably around 60, but we waited until later to see if it would go down whilst the parade was on

rat bike

We had chance to go into Toy Story Land and went on the RC Racer which was really fun, and the Army men Parachute drops, bit of a longer queue and wasn’t for very long but we still enjoyed it! We managed to go back on Tower of Terror too, and Joe made me put both hands up (I wasn’t so nervous this time!)


We were enjoying the nice warm weather, surprising for March! We also went on It’s a Small World and then headed for Crush’s Coaster which had broken down, there was no queue so we thought if we waited and they re-opened; we would be on real fast! But it didn’t and we got turned away, so we decided to visit Ratatouille land again, had about an hour wait and as soon as we got in line it also broke down. We sat on the floor and snacked on the goodies out of Joes bag from breakfast, lots of people were leaving getting fed up, and we knew the park would shut soon, we moved further and further as people left, and then hoorah! It reopened! And it was really worth it!

gus roof

The line as you went inside took you onto rooftops, making you feel like the size of a rat, lots of noises too and the sign of Gustov’s restaurant, which would come to life and chat every couple minutes, we then got given 3D glasses and hopped into 1 of 3 rat cars. It wasn’t on a track, they intertwined eachother, taking over one another, it looks like it was magnetized to the floor on an invisible track. It was a 4D experience, you went around as characters came to life before your very eyes, watching parts of the story unfold, we then all got into a line and watched a screen where we acted as Remy the Rat and ducked, turned and dodged mops, feet and furniture, we even got splashed with water from the mop being swept across the floor and heat from the oven turning on! It felt like you were on a ride but you were actually stood still!

It was totally worth the wait!


We had around half an hour until the rides began to close so we headed back to Crush’s Coaster which had luckily just reopened! We waited in line around 20 minutes and then was greeted by a cart, it was in the shape of a shell and we sat facing one way, and two others facing away from us (kinda like Sonic Spinball at Alton Towers) and off we went!

Joe thought it was some sorta kiddie ride but boy was he wrong! We span and turned and sped through waters, saw jelly fish and even sharks, and then we knew there was going to be a big drop surprise as we kept going up and up and up! Then Weeeeeee! It was complete darkness, a crazy turning and twisting track which our shell span around and around!

It was very thrilling and when we got off they were closing! We luckily got on and had gotten on every ride we wanted to that day, and even repeated some from the day before!

We decided to skip the night time Castle spectacular and checked out the shops we had missed and went back to the village to get souvenirs

last car

It was really sad knowing it was over! We stayed in the village until around 11pm, just sat chilling listening to the music, taking in our surroundings, we also checked out some vintage old cars they had on display, then it was time for the shuttle bus back to the hotel!

We went up to the room exhausted yet again! Feet were hurting and we needed a shower, and it was bliss! That warm powerful shower is really what we needed, I even ended up sitting down in the bath and let the shower just trickle down me.

sad door

It was time to pack and sleep! We were up at 6am to get our 6.54am coach back to the airport which took around 50 minutes, I ended up sleeping most of the way as Joe watched the sunset come up which he said was big and beautiful. We also had breakfast which we had packed from the buffet the night before; I had brioche and crunchy bread with nutella and he had left over pastries and jam.

It was harder coming back as Paris CGD airport is MASSIVE! The gates were labelled with numbers and letters it’s that large. Luckily a family on our coach were travelling back to Manchester too and looked just as confused, they asked a manager and he took us to check in, we were in several lifts, up and down corridors trying to keep up, we would’ve never found it ourselves! Check in was quick and easy and then to gate K21 we went! We only had about a 30 minute wait so we went and grabbed some food, a sandwich and some pringles for the plane


The plane ride back was easy, much nicer than the one arriving. And before we knew it, we had landed. We found the train station pretty quickly and got one train to Manchester Picadilly and decided to explore Manchester for the day, we ended up at one of our favorite all you can eat restaurants to fill our tummies! We were then going to explore the shopping centre but our feet hurt so bad we decided to just head back to Huddersfield; we had been travelling for hours and I needed to repack my bag and then hop back onto a bus and train back to York. It was around 4pm and we were ready to sleep!


We uploaded photos, Joe even made an amazing video of footage and pictures to look back on, I miss it very much and it was such a blessing to go on our first holiday and have such a perfect and fun time!

I say everyday how much I miss it, I’ve been three times but it’s still not enough! I’m trying to persuade Joe to go back 😉

buzz ride hi

We had an amazing time, hopefully one day go to America! Disneyland is definitely a place for anyone, at any age and with any likes or dislikes! There is something for everyone and you cannot be unhappy in Disney! Whether it be the rides, the parades, the attraction, the shows, or even just the magical and indescribable feeling you get; there’s something everyone will absolutely love!

If you can go, definitely do it, you will never regret it!

Happy Magic! x

Tips for booking a CHEAP, STRESS FREE and FIRST CLASS Holiday!



Hello Savvy Shoppers!

Here are my top ten tips to book an affordable Holiday that will still be first-class amazing!

Tip no.1: Don’t book directly through hotels and destinations, go on compare websites such as trivago and travelsupermarket for a better deal as it usually includes tickets for events, breakfast etc

Tip no.2: If you DO manage to find cheap flights alone, you need a cheap hotel room to go with it, go on sites such as lateroom.com or last minute as empty last minute rooms go for super cheap!

Tip no.3: Don’t take insurance through the travel agent or hotel/airline, I found a website where I got travel insurance (health, baggage loss, cancellation etc) for two adults for £8!

Tip no.4: Find any voucher or discount codes for your airline or the package holiday agent, I found a code to give me an extra £6 off per night in the hotel

Tip no.5: Only book breakfast when you get there and for what days you would like it, sometimes you don’t want to get up early or you miss it, and then your money has gone!

Tip no.6: If you can help it, don’t take hold luggage, just hand luggage, some airlines let you have up to 10kg! You won’t have to pay the extra fee and you won’t have to worry about loss of baggage…

Tip no.7: If you’re going somewhere such as a theme park whilst away or event, don’t buy the tickets straight from the venue, look around online, I managed to get two tickets for two days in disneyland paris for £88 instead of £140 on Disneylands site (make sure to look at reviews though!)

Tip no.8: Find a hotel that has free things to do. You might not want to be spending loads going out to fancy restaurants and shows, if your hotel has a pool and entertainment, you don’t need to spend more to go out!

Tip no.9: If you’re going away via train and not abroad, book tickets as late as possible, you will save a bunch of money

Tip no.10: Finding one deal on a compare website or discount site such as Groupon doesn’t mean it’s good! And some details on sites aren’t what they truly mean, examples:

– ‘£160 for flights’: This will only be from certain airports and there will be a fee to change it, you also cannot choose flight times, it’s what they have or nothing

– ‘Just a short walk away from the town’- Short must not mean the same thing everywhere because sometimes it means a three hour walk, check on maps to see how far away you truly are!

-‘£50 for two tickets into Disneyland Paris’- This may only mean a mini ticket and for one part of the theme park

*PERSONAL EXPERIENCE* I found an offer on Groupon for £350 for flights to paris from london, two days in the park, a hotel ‘a short walk from the par’ with breakfast, it didn’t include insurance or transport from airport to the hotel/hotel to the park. When I rang, the dates and airport we wanted meant we had to pay £80 more each and it was for one day in the park and our hotel was a 2 hour walk away

Safe to say we found a much better deal elsewhere!

Ring the company up and ask exactly what you need to know; hotel check in times, ticket information, airports and times 🙂

There you have it! If you are planning to book a holiday, I hope this has shed some light and given you some guidance!

Happy Comparing! x